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Exogenic Records

ReleasesCD: 21, EP: 11
Sub-labelExogenic Breaks Records


Various Artists - Project Haltya EPExogenic RecordsEXO12022000
Squaremeat - Hard Horse EPExogenic RecordsEXO12032000
Brothom States - Naea Eletrok EPExogenic RecordsEXO12042000
All Human Substitutes Optimus - Wouldah EPExogenic RecordsEXO12052000
Texas Faggott - Back to Mad EPExogenic RecordsEXO12062000
Koe - Solid EPExogenic RecordsEXO12072001
Eraser vs Yöjalka - Sensemelter EPExogenic RecordsEXO12092002
Squaremeat - Illegal Operation EPExogenic RecordsEXO12102002
Haltya - Hero EPExogenic RecordsEXO12112003
Texas Faggott - Para Moncler EPExogenic RecordsEXO12162004
Kiwa - Phat Cat EPExogenic RecordsEXO12212006


GAD - Apollo 3DExogenic RecordsEXOCD011996
Various Artists - Bliss PointExogenic RecordsEXOCD021997
Squaremeat - Wave SoupExogenic RecordsEXOCD032000
Mac Mavis - Mac MavisExogenic RecordsEXOCD041998
Various Artists - Fusion vs ConfusionExogenic RecordsEXOCD061999
Texas Faggott - Petoman's PeflettExogenic RecordsEXOCD072000
Koneveljet - Brothers in MachineExogenic RecordsEXOCD082000
Haltya - Forest FlavourExogenic RecordsEXOCD092001
Various Artists - Custom FileExogenic RecordsEXOCD102001
Eraser vs Yöjalka - Round OneExogenic RecordsEXOCD162002
Squaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party LineExogenic RecordsEXOCD172003
Mac Mavis - GatefinderExogenic RecordsEXOCD182003
Haltya - Electric Help ElvesExogenic RecordsEXOCD212004
Texas Faggott - Pilluminati Cunt RollExogenic RecordsEXOCD252004
Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee BreakExogenic RecordsEXOCD262005
Eraser vs Yöjalka - TarinatExogenic RecordsEXOCD282003
Kiwa - On The FrequencyExogenic RecordsEXOCD332007
Highpersonic Whomen - Push The LimitExogenic RecordsEXOCD352007
Haltya - Book Of NatureExogenic RecordsEXOCD362008
Texas Faggott - KininiginExogenic RecordsEXOCD382008
Troll Scientists - Sir EelExogenic RecordsEXOCD392009
Texas Faggott - Back to Mad EP Squaremeat - Illegal Operation EP Haltya - Hero EP Texas Faggott - Para Moncler EP Kiwa - Phat Cat EP GAD - Apollo 3D Various Artists - Bliss Point Squaremeat - Wave Soup Mac Mavis - Mac Mavis Various Artists - Fusion vs Confusion Texas Faggott - Petoman's Peflett Koneveljet - Brothers in Machine Haltya - Forest Flavour Various Artists - Custom File Eraser vs Yöjalka - Round One Squaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party Line Mac Mavis - Gatefinder Haltya - Electric Help Elves Texas Faggott - Pilluminati Cunt Roll Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee Break Eraser vs Yöjalka - Tarinat Kiwa - On The Frequency Highpersonic Whomen - Push The Limit Haltya - Book Of Nature Texas Faggott - Kininigin Troll Scientists - Sir Eel