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Gaia Tontrager Records

ReleasesCD: 7, EP: 12


S.M.I.L.E. - Goa EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT001
Evolution - Equilibrium EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT002
Evolution - Sparkling Sun EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT003
S.M.I.L.E. - Electroeierbass EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT004
Evolution - The Experience EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT0051993
Evolution - Cuzco Remix EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT006
S.M.I.L.E. - Zeta-Riticuli EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT007
Evolution - Religo EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT008
Various Artists - The Gaia EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT0091994
Mandra Gora - Everything is Going Fine EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT0101994
X-Tron - God Meets Ganesh EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT0111994
Evolution - Warriors of Light EPGaia Tontrager RecordsGT0121996


Various Artists - Gaia 1+2Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT0102CD1992
Various Artists - Gaia 3+4Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT0304CD1993
Various Artists - TFSM 01-02Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT0506CD1993
Various Artists - Gaia 7+8Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT0708CD1994
Various Artists - TFSM 03Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT09CD1995
Various Artists - Gaia 10Gaia Tontrager RecordsGT10CD1995
Evolution - Shiva TechnologyGaia Tontrager RecordsGT11CD1995
X-Tron - God Meets Ganesh EP Evolution - Warriors of Light EP Various Artists - Gaia 1+2 Various Artists - Gaia 3+4 Various Artists - Gaia 7+8 Various Artists - Gaia 10 Evolution - Shiva Technology