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Interchill Records

ReleasesCD: 35


Various Artists - Northern CircuitsInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0021997
Various Artists - Magnetic BlueInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0031998
Ekko - CentripetalInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0041998
Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe - Burning MaskInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0051999
Various Artists - Interior HorizonsInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0061999
Various Artists - Sky Dancing - Nada MasalaInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0072000
Suns Of Arqa - Cosmic JugalbandiInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0082000
Various Artists - Ekkocentric - The Ekko RemixesInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0092000
Various Artists - InfinessenceInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0102001
Mere Mortals - Universal CodeInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0112001
Various Artists - FloatationInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0122001
Ishq - OrchidInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0132002
Various Artists - Earth Octave Lounge 1Interchill RecordsICHILLCD0142002
Various Artists - TalismanInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0152003
Various Artists - 13th MoonInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0162003
Kaya Project - Walking ThroughInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0172004
Gaudi - Bass, Sweat & TearsInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0182004
Various Artists - Earth Octave Lounge 2Interchill RecordsICHILLCD0192005
Various Artists - Dissolving CloudsInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0202005
Kaya Project - ElixirInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0212005
Various Artists - SanctuaryInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0222005
Various Artists - ArcanaInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0232006
Adham Shaikh - Journey To The SunInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0242006
Various Artists - Gathering The TribeInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0252006
Various Artists - Sub Signals vol 1Interchill RecordsICHILLCD0262006
Various Artists - BliminalInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0272007
Pushmipulyu - 133 ThursdaysInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0282007
Ashtech - Walkin' TargetInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0292007
Various Artists - Devil In The DetailInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0302007
Liquid Stranger - The Invisible ConquestInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0312007
Various Artists - Future MemoriesInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0322008
Mauxuam - ViceversaInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0332008
Eat Static - Back To EarthInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0342008
Kaya Project - ...And So It GoesInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0352008
Various Artists - One DubInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0362009
Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe - Burning Mask Suns Of Arqa - Cosmic Jugalbandi Various Artists - Ekkocentric - The Ekko Remixes Various Artists - Floatation Ishq - Orchid Various Artists - Earth Octave Lounge 1 Various Artists - Talisman Various Artists - 13th Moon Kaya Project - Walking Through Gaudi - Bass, Sweat & Tears Various Artists - Earth Octave Lounge 2 Various Artists - Dissolving Clouds Kaya Project - Elixir Various Artists - Sanctuary Various Artists - Arcana Adham Shaikh - Journey To The Sun Various Artists - Gathering The Tribe Various Artists - Sub Signals vol 1 Various Artists - Bliminal Pushmipulyu - 133 Thursdays Ashtech - Walkin' Target Various Artists - Devil In The Detail Liquid Stranger - The Invisible Conquest Various Artists - Future Memories Mauxuam - Viceversa Eat Static - Back To Earth Kaya Project - ...And So It Goes Various Artists - One Dub