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M.A.S.H Records

ReleasesEP: 18


Miranda - Tellus Twin EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0011998
Elysium & Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Wind Of Dust EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0021998
Electric Sun - Electric Sunrise EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0031998
Front Line Assembly - Columbian Necktie EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0041998
S.U.N. Project - Balagan EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0051999
Chi-A.D. - Myopic Utopia EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0061999
Morning Dew - Let Me Take You EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0071999
S.U.N. Project - T8 EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0081999
Children of Paradise - Alien Nation part 3 EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0092000
Dragon Master - Circulate EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0102000
Chi-A.D. - Creeping Gravity EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0112000
DJ Nitrogen - Killer Animal's EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0122000
Psychonaut - Neurosphere EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0132001
DJ Nitrogen - Biggest Bitch of them All EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0142001
Tara Putra - Dua Orang EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0152001
Dragon Master - Twister EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0162001
Psychonaut - Voodoochild EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0172001
Electron Wave - Temporal Distortion EPM.A.S.H RecordsMASH0182001
Miranda - Tellus Twin EP Elysium & Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Wind Of Dust EP Chi-A.D. - Myopic Utopia EP S.U.N. Project - T8 EP Children of Paradise - Alien Nation part 3 EP Dragon Master - Circulate EP Chi-A.D. - Creeping Gravity EP DJ Nitrogen - Killer Animal's EP Electron Wave - Temporal Distortion EP