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M-Track Records

ReleasesCD: 2, EP: 28


Synchro - Jelly EPM-Track RecordsMT0011995
Three-State Logic - Chromium Dioxide EPM-Track RecordsMT0021995
Cwithe - Spellbound EPM-Track RecordsMT0031995
Joking Sphinx - Bela EPM-Track RecordsMT0051995
Synchro - Vacant Vacation EPM-Track RecordsMT0061995
Glass Walker - Haunt EPM-Track RecordsMT0071995
Z to A - Next stop Oblivion EPM-Track RecordsMT0081995
Three-State Logic - Coordinates Collision Course EPM-Track RecordsMT0091995
Glass Walker - Celestial Body EPM-Track RecordsMT0101995
Seducer - Subliminal Seduction EPM-Track RecordsMT0111996
Metal Spark - Greassy EPM-Track RecordsMT0121996
Glass Walker - Quasi EPM-Track RecordsMT0141996
Nocturne - 2000 microdots from home EPM-Track RecordsMT0151996
Seducer - Upload EPM-Track RecordsMT0161996
Poker Face - Endymion EPM-Track RecordsMT0171996
Poker Face vs Sonic Patrol - Patrol EPM-Track RecordsMT0181997
DJ Angelo - Overload EPM-Track RecordsMT0191997
Solaris - Vox EPM-Track RecordsMT0201997
DJ Angelo - Full Moon Junction EPM-Track RecordsMT0211997
DJ Angelo - Full Moon Junction Remixes EPM-Track RecordsMT0221997
Diskordia - Hobra EPM-Track RecordsMT0231997
DJ Angelo - Wedding Track EPM-Track RecordsMT0241997
Various Artists - Amsterdam Inc EPM-Track RecordsMT0251998
Diskordia - Snapp EPM-Track RecordsMT0261998
Kevin White & Russ Cox - RK Disco EPM-Track RecordsMT0271998
Toxic Waste - Underground Frequencies Volume 1 EPM-Track RecordsMT0281998
Diskordia - Hung Mung EPM-Track RecordsMT0291998
DJ Angelo - Do You Like The Way It Feels? EPM-Track RecordsMT0301998


Various Artists - The GatheringM-Track RecordsMT004CD1995
Various Artists - M-Track Platform 1M-Track RecordsMT013CD1996
Cwithe - Spellbound EP Joking Sphinx - Bela EP Synchro - Vacant Vacation EP Three-State Logic - Coordinates Collision Course EP Glass Walker - Celestial Body EP Various Artists - The Gathering Various Artists - M-Track Platform 1