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Metropolitan Music

ReleasesCD: 1, EP: 14


Razors Edge - The Zoo EPMetropolitan MusicMM0011994
Razors Edge - Exquisite Sin Remixes EPMetropolitan MusicMM0041995
Razors Edge - The Zoo Remixes EPMetropolitan MusicMM0071995
Razors Edge - Tribal Sunrise EPMetropolitan MusicMM0081995
Razors Edge - Tribal Sunrise EPMetropolitan MusicMM0101995
Switchblade - Cross the traxx EPMetropolitan MusicMM0111995
Harmonic Interface feat. DJ Ciro - Skalker EPMetropolitan MusicMM018
Pablo Gargano - Inside Your Mind EPMetropolitan MusicMM0191996
Razors Edge - Starburst EPMetropolitan MusicMM020
Cadenza - Trading Faces EPMetropolitan MusicMM023
Switchblade - Antena EPMetropolitan MusicMM026
Quatermass - The Judgement EPMetropolitan MusicMM027
Power Source - Housekeeper EPMetropolitan MusicMM028
Razors Edge - The Tuning EPMetropolitan MusicMM0351999


Razors Edge - Exquisite SinMetropolitan MusicMM001CD1996
Razors Edge - Tribal Sunrise EP Pablo Gargano - Inside Your Mind EP Razors Edge - The Tuning EP Razors Edge - Exquisite Sin