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Millennium Records

ReleasesCD: 20, EP: 7


Max Reich - Transmitter EPMillennium RecordsMILL021TW1996
Peter Gun - Slave to the rythm EPMillennium RecordsMILL118TW2003
Peter Gun - Basic Pill EPMillennium RecordsMILL119TW2003
Funf D - On your side EPMillennium RecordsMILL120TW2003
Peter Gun - Unspoken Word EPMillennium RecordsMILL125TW2004
Roboterwerke - Let's Beam Him Up EPMillennium RecordsMILL126TW2004
Peter Gun - Destiller EPMillennium RecordsMILL129TW2006


Various Artists - Progressive TranceMillennium RecordsMILL066CD1998
Various Artists - Magic MushroomsMillennium RecordsMILL068CD1998
Funf D - Save EarthMillennium RecordsMILL120CD2003
Various Artists - Chemical LoversMillennium RecordsMILL122CD2003
Sonic Cube - Sonic CubeMillennium RecordsMILL123CD2003
Roboterwerke - RoboterwerkeMillennium RecordsMILL126CD2005
Funf D - AngelheartMillennium RecordsMILL127CD2004
Ten Madison - MilkMillennium RecordsMILL128CD2004
Peter Gun - Thicker Than BloodMillennium RecordsMILL129CD2005
Ten Madison - Trouble In RioMillennium RecordsMILL130CD2005
En Voice - Inclination For ComposureMillennium RecordsMILL131CD2005
Peter Gun - Friendly FireMillennium RecordsMILL135CD2006
Ten Madison - GroundedMillennium RecordsMILL136CD2006
Michael Anthony Marsh - HardballMillennium RecordsMILL137CD2006
En Voice - Hall Of DreamsMillennium RecordsMILL138CD2006
Full Moon Fashions - NocturnesMillennium RecordsMILL139CD2007
Ten Madison - TravellingMillennium RecordsMILL140CD2007
Snakestyle - SnakestyleMillennium RecordsMILL141CD2007
Various Artists - DreamsMillennium RecordsMILL142CD2007
Various Artists - Electronic LadylandMillennium RecordsMILL143CD2008
Max Reich - Transmitter EP Peter Gun - Slave to the rythm EP Peter Gun - Basic Pill EP Funf D - On your side EP Peter Gun - Unspoken Word EP Roboterwerke - Let's Beam Him Up EP Various Artists - Magic Mushrooms Various Artists - Chemical Lovers Sonic Cube - Sonic Cube Roboterwerke - Roboterwerke Funf D - Angelheart Ten Madison - Milk Peter Gun - Thicker Than Blood Ten Madison - Trouble In Rio En Voice - Inclination For Composure Peter Gun - Friendly Fire Ten Madison - Grounded Michael Anthony Marsh - Hardball En Voice - Hall Of Dreams Full Moon Fashions - Nocturnes Ten Madison - Travelling Snakestyle - Snakestyle Various Artists - Dreams Various Artists - Electronic Ladyland