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Mushy Records

ReleasesCD: 8


Bubble - AirlessMushy RecordsMUCD0012005
Various Artists - Monkey MissionMushy RecordsMUCD0022006
Ellis Vanghoul - Violent EnergyMushy RecordsMUCD0032006
Bubble - Sound Of SilenceMushy RecordsMUCD0042006
Various Artists - Spring BreakMushy RecordsMUCD0052007
Various Artists - Wet And WildMushy RecordsMUCD0062008
In-Panic - Step By StepMushy RecordsMUCD0072009
Twilight - Angels CallingMushy RecordsMUCD0082009
Bubble - Airless Various Artists - Monkey Mission Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy Bubble - Sound Of Silence Various Artists - Spring Break Various Artists - Wet And Wild In-Panic - Step By Step Twilight - Angels Calling