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Nephilim Records

ReleasesCD: 18, EP: 20, LP: 1


Har-El Prussky - Wonderland EPNephilim Records009521995
Har-El Prussky - The Scanner EPNephilim Records009531995
Edi Mis - Silver Pyramid EPNephilim Records009551995
Nada - N.R.G EPNephilim Records009561996
Psyko Disko - Overdose EPNephilim Records230081996
Germinator - The Beat EPNephilim Records230101996
Kopfuss Resonator - Whipbird EPNephilim Records230111997
X.I.S. - In Flux EPNephilim Records230131997
Psyko Disko - Sikamoto EPNephilim Records230141997
Drop & Dash - Top of Mind EPNephilim Records230151997
Little Blue Men - Jedi Smurf EPNephilim Records230161997
Von Aum - King Loui's Banana Boogie EPNephilim Records230171997
X.I.S. - Scizophonic EPNephilim Records230191998
O*Men - Lion Mosquitto EPNephilim Records230201998
Texas Faggott - Kossi Kuittaa EPNephilim Records230211998
Brain Deflections - Horizontal-y EPNephilim RecordsNER0001-121999
Distortion Orchestra - Angel Z Alpha EPNephilim RecordsNER0002-121999
Dopamin - E.S.P EPNephilim RecordsNER0003-12
Har-El Prussky & Dardasman - JaJa Time EPNephilim RecordsNER0004-12
Silent Earth - Mi Alma EPNephilim RecordsNER0005-122001


Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R ModuleNephilim Records230221998


Har-El Prussky - Pagan Moon ChildNephilim Records230011994
Har-El Prussky - New Pagan WorldNephilim Records230041995
Various Artists - Black HoleNephilim Records230071996
B(if)tek - Subvocal Theme ParkNephilim Records230091996
Various Artists - Technobotanic TryptaminesNephilim Records230121997
Various Artists - The Holotropic MindNephilim Records230181998
Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R ModuleNephilim Records230231998
X.I.S. - Electric RitesNephilim Records230241998
Squaremeat - SquarebeatNephilim Records230251998
X.I.S. - Ambient TripNephilim RecordsNER10003-22000
Various Artists - Technobotanic Tryptamines 2Nephilim RecordsNER10005-22000
Spirit of Dawn - Spirit of DawnNephilim RecordsNER10006-22001
Silent Earth - Traveling at the Speed of LightNephilim RecordsNER10007-22001
Various Artists - Psychedelic SoundforceNephilim RecordsNER10008-22001
Codex - StereocultureNephilim RecordsNER10009-2 2001
Dark Nebula - 100% Pure BrainwaterNephilim RecordsNER10010-2 2001
Brain Deflections - Horizontal-yNephilim RecordsNETT1001-22000
Distortion Orchestra - The Shape of Things to ComeNephilim RecordsNETT1002-22000
Edi Mis - Silver Pyramid EP Nada - N.R.G EP Kopfuss Resonator - Whipbird EP Psyko Disko - Sikamoto EP Drop & Dash - Top of Mind EP Little Blue Men - Jedi Smurf EP Von Aum - King Loui's Banana Boogie EP O*Men - Lion Mosquitto EP Texas Faggott - Kossi Kuittaa EP Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R Module Har-El Prussky - Pagan Moon Child Har-El Prussky - New Pagan World Various Artists - Black Hole B(if)tek - Subvocal Theme Park Various Artists - Technobotanic Tryptamines Various Artists - The Holotropic Mind Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R Module X.I.S. - Electric Rites Squaremeat - Squarebeat X.I.S. - Ambient Trip Various Artists - Technobotanic Tryptamines 2 Spirit of Dawn - Spirit of Dawn Silent Earth - Traveling at the Speed of Light Various Artists - Psychedelic Soundforce Codex - Stereoculture Dark Nebula - 100% Pure Brainwater Brain Deflections - Horizontal-y Distortion Orchestra - The Shape of Things to Come