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ReleasesCD: 8


Various Artists - Shock BlastPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0012008
Bigabo - The Last LiquidPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0022008
Sigma - Say Yes Say NoPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0032008
BPM - System ActivatedPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0042008
Psycho Punk - SlipstreamPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0052008
Various Artists - Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed TangentPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0062008
Various Artists - EarthquakePsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0072009
Jaws Underground - Face To FacePsy-Core RecordsPSCCD0082009
Various Artists - Shock Blast Bigabo - The Last Liquid Sigma - Say Yes Say No BPM - System Activated Psycho Punk - Slipstream Various Artists - Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed Tangent Various Artists - Earthquake Jaws Underground - Face To Face