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Qube Records

ReleasesCD: 3, EP: 14


Clip - Panhead EPQube RecordsROOT131999
UCYU - Walk In Space EPQube RecordsROOT141999
Magnat - Feelin EPQube RecordsROOT151999
Voodoo People - Book of Shadows EPQube RecordsROOT161999
Magnat - The Saga EPQube RecordsROOT172000
Magnat - The Saga Remixes EPQube RecordsROOT17X2002
Clone Theory - Electrollennium EPQube RecordsROOT182000
Magnat - Do You? EPQube RecordsROOT192000
Ascendence - The Lost Track EPQube RecordsROOT202001
Axiom - Primitivo EPQube RecordsROOT212001
Clip - In The Lap Of Goodness EPQube RecordsROOT222001
Angelfish - Glow EPQube RecordsROOT232001
Magnat - Everybody Starts EPQube RecordsROOT242001
Axiom - Silkworm EPQube RecordsROOT252001


Various Artists - OneQube RecordsROOTCD011999
Magnat - Say YesQube RecordsROOTCD022002
Various Artists - TwoQube RecordsROOTCD032003