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Shaman Films Records

ReleasesCD: 11


Various Artists - Ah PuchShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0012006
Various Artists - Engrams - Luminaria 2012Shaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0022006
Various Artists - Secret MessageShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0032007
Xyla - EsotericaShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0042007
Various Artists - Engrams Version 2.1Shaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0052007
Various Artists - Tropical TerrorShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0062008
Master Pain - Dance Or DieShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0072008
Various Artists - Enter MitnalShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0082008
Psychoz - 2012 There Is No ReturnShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0092009
Various Artists - Music Of The SpheresShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0102009
Fragletrollet - Playground Of SpiritShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD0112009
Various Artists - Ah Puch Various Artists - Engrams - Luminaria 2012 Various Artists - Secret Message Xyla - Esoterica Various Artists - Engrams Version 2.1 Various Artists - Tropical Terror Master Pain - Dance Or Die Various Artists - Enter Mitnal Psychoz - 2012 There Is No Return Various Artists - Music Of The Spheres Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit