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Solstice Music International

ReleasesCD: 30, EP: 2, DVD: 1
Sub-labelSolstice Music


Synthetic - Icy EPSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WEP0012002
Synthetic - Africa EPSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WEP0022002


Various Artists - SolsticeSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0012002
Synthetic - 100% PureSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0022002
The Antidote - Close EncountersSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0032002
Various Artists - Electronic High 3Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0042003
Bio Tonic - On the RoxSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0052003
Various Artists - Holographic MemorySolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0062003
Orion - Artificial FrequenciesSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0072003
Various Artists - Holographic Memory 2Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0082003
Crunchy Punch - Maximum VelocitySolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0092004
Various Artists - The Usual Suspects 2Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0102004
Quadra - SerotoniaSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0112004
Bio Tonic - DivinaSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0122004
X-Dream - We InterfaceSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0132004
Etnica - SharpSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0142004
Various Artists - Holographic Memory 3Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0152005
Various Artists - Gran Turismo 4 KicksSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0162005
Various Artists - Delicious Compiled By Alien ProjectSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0172005
Orion - Electric BehaviourSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0182005
Tranan - RestarterSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0192005
Various Artists - ElegraffitiSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0202005
C.O.N. Sequencer - Strange PlanetSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0212005
Various Artists - Solstice Black Compilation #01Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0222006
X-Dream - The Best 1991 - 2001Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0232006
Various Artists - Tourist Trophy TracksSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0242006
Bio Tonic - KlashSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0252006
Quadra - One Nation Under TranceSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0262006
Various Artists - Solstice Black Compilation #02Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0272006
Logic Bomb - Sonic AlgebraSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0282007
Eat Static - De-ClassifiedSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0292007
X-Dream - We Interface The MixesSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0302007


Various Artists - Solstice Music FestivalSolstice Music InternationalSOLWDVD0012006
Synthetic - Icy EP Synthetic - Africa EP Various Artists - Solstice Synthetic - 100% Pure The Antidote - Close Encounters Various Artists - Electronic High 3 Bio Tonic - On the Rox Various Artists - Holographic Memory Orion - Artificial Frequencies Various Artists - Holographic Memory 2 Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity Various Artists - The Usual Suspects 2 Quadra - Serotonia Bio Tonic - Divina X-Dream - We Interface Etnica - Sharp Various Artists - Holographic Memory 3 Various Artists - Gran Turismo 4 Kicks Various Artists - Delicious Compiled By Alien Project Orion - Electric Behaviour Tranan - Restarter Various Artists - Elegraffiti C.O.N. Sequencer - Strange Planet Various Artists - Solstice Black Compilation #01 X-Dream - The Best 1991 - 2001 Various Artists - Tourist Trophy Tracks Bio Tonic - Klash Quadra - One Nation Under Trance Various Artists - Solstice Black Compilation #02 Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra Eat Static - De-Classified X-Dream - We Interface The Mixes