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Solstice Music

ReleasesCD: 28
ParentSolstice Music International


Various Artists - Electronic High 1Solstice MusicSOLC-0012000
Various Artists - South Africa 2000Solstice MusicSOLC-0022000
Electric Tease - Let's RockSolstice MusicSOLC-0032000
Various Artists - Rhythm of LifeSolstice MusicSOLC-0042001
The Antidote - AntidotcomSolstice MusicSOLC-0052001
Shpongle - Tales of the InexpressibleSolstice MusicSOLC-0062001
Various Artists - Electronic High 2Solstice MusicSOLC-0072001
Various Artists - Macao CafeSolstice MusicSOLC-0082001
Bio Tonic - Elektrik ColorsSolstice MusicSOLC-0092001
Saiko-Pod - Phutures & OptionsSolstice MusicSOLC-0102002
Etnica - ChromeSolstice MusicSOLC-0112002
GMS - No RulesSolstice MusicSOLC-0122002
Synthetic - 100% PureSolstice MusicSOLC-0132002
Various Artists - Dimitri D.K.N. presents The Usual Suspects in the MixSolstice MusicSOLC-0142002
The Antidote - Close EncountersSolstice MusicSOLC-0152002
Various Artists - Macao Cafe 2Solstice MusicSOLC-0162002
Various Artists - Electronic High 3Solstice MusicSOLC-0172003
Bio Tonic - On the RoxSolstice MusicSOLC-0182003
Various Artists - Holographic MemorySolstice MusicSOLC-0192003
Wrecked Machines - BlinkSolstice MusicSOLC-0202003
Various Artists - GMS The RemixesSolstice MusicSOLC-0212003
Various Artists - Solstice Music Festival 2000-2002Solstice MusicSOLC-0222003
Orion - Artificial FrequenciesSolstice MusicSOLMC-0232003
Various Artists - Eclipse - South Africa 2002Solstice MusicSOLMC-0242003
Various Artists - Zero-1Solstice MusicSOLMC-0252003
Deedrah - Body & SoulSolstice MusicSOLMC-0262003
Various Artists - Macao Cafe 3Solstice MusicSOLMC-0272003
Various Artists - Holographic Memory 2Solstice MusicSOLMC-0282003
The Antidote - Antidotcom Bio Tonic - Elektrik Colors Etnica - Chrome Various Artists - Electronic High 3 Bio Tonic - On the Rox Various Artists - Holographic Memory Orion - Artificial Frequencies Deedrah - Body & Soul Various Artists - Holographic Memory 2