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Spun Records

ReleasesCD: 31, EP: 2, DVD: 2


Various Artists - GMS & Systembusters EPSpun RecordsSPUN0011999
Various Artists - Imprint EPSpun RecordsSPUN0022001


GMS vs Systembusters - GMS vs SystembustersSpun RecordsSPUNCD012000
Various Artists - Genetic ProcessSpun RecordsSPUNCD022001
Various Artists - Genetic Process - Part DoseSpun RecordsSPUNCD032002
Various Artists - SpunoutSpun RecordsSPUNCD042003
Various Artists - PressureSpun RecordsSPUNCD052003
Various Artists - GMS The RemixesSpun RecordsSPUNCD062003
Various Artists - Zero-1Spun RecordsSPUNCD072003
Deedrah - Body & SoulSpun RecordsSPUNCD082003
Various Artists - TweakersSpun RecordsSPUNCD092004
Wizzy Noise - Stereo ElectricSpun RecordsSPUNCD102004
Various Artists - HypernovaSpun RecordsSPUNCD112004
Various Artists - XXLSpun RecordsSPUNCD122004
Cyrus The Virus - SubliminalSpun RecordsSPUNCD132004
Various Artists - Remote ViewingSpun RecordsSPUNCD142005
Wrecked Machines - Second ThoughtSpun RecordsSPUNCD152005
Father and Son - Planet MusicSpun RecordsSPUNCD162005
Various Artists - Zero GravitySpun RecordsSPUNCD172005
GMS - Emergency Broadcast SystemSpun RecordsSPUNCD182005
Various Artists - Outer LimitsSpun RecordsSPUNCD192005
Perplex - ExpressionSpun RecordsSPUNCD202006
Various Artists - Wreck Chords - Compiled by Wrecked MachinesSpun RecordsSPUNCD21222006
Shanti Matkin - RemixedSpun RecordsSPUNCD232006
Alien Project vs Space Cat - Hear The NoiseSpun RecordsSPUNCD242006
Shanti - DisfunctionSpun RecordsSPUNCD252006
Growling Machines - RoundersSpun RecordsSPUNCD262007
Various Artists - Spunout In IbizaSpun RecordsSPUNCD27282007
Bushman - UnhumanSpun RecordsSPUNCD292007
Poli - Electric WondersSpun RecordsSPUNCD302007
Perplex - ElectrodelicSpun RecordsSPUNCD31322007
Various Artists - Back To The FutureSpun RecordsSPUNCD332009
Soundaholix - Soundaholix AnonymousSpun RecordsSPUNCD342009


Various Artists - Spun In Motion v1Spun RecordsSPUNDVD012006
Various Artists - Spun On EarthSpun RecordsSPUNDVD022009
Various Artists - GMS & Systembusters EP GMS vs Systembusters - GMS vs Systembusters Various Artists - Genetic Process - Part Dose Various Artists - Spunout Various Artists - Pressure Various Artists - GMS The Remixes Various Artists - Zero-1 Deedrah - Body & Soul Various Artists - Tweakers Wizzy Noise - Stereo Electric Various Artists - Hypernova Various Artists - XXL Cyrus The Virus - Subliminal Various Artists - Remote Viewing Wrecked Machines - Second Thought Father and Son - Planet Music Various Artists - Zero Gravity GMS - Emergency Broadcast System Various Artists - Outer Limits Perplex - Expression Various Artists - Wreck Chords - Compiled by Wrecked Machines Shanti Matkin - Remixed Alien Project vs Space Cat - Hear The Noise Shanti - Disfunction Growling Machines - Rounders Various Artists - Spunout In Ibiza Bushman - Unhuman Poli - Electric Wonders Perplex - Electrodelic Various Artists - Back To The Future Soundaholix - Soundaholix Anonymous Various Artists - Spun In Motion v1 Various Artists - Spun On Earth