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Surround Sounds Records

ReleasesCD: 3, EP: 12


Kodiak - Consequence EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS012000
Ticon - Input, Output, Kaput EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS022000
ManMadeMan - The Switch EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS032000
Red Moon - Esther EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS042001
Red Moon - Basis EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS052001
Junk - Wildlife EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS062001
DJ Hal - The Launch EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS072001
Kodiak - Schzapper EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS082002
Red Moon - Lucky EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS092002
Stereo Pie - Blueberry Pancake EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS102002
Red Moon - Love You Long Time EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS112002
Red Moon - The Beautiful EPSurround Sounds RecordsSS122002


Various Artists - Surrounded 1Surround Sounds RecordsSSCD0012001
Various Artists - Surrounded 2Surround Sounds RecordsSSCD0022002
Red Moon - LuckySurround Sounds RecordsSSCD0032002
Kodiak - Consequence EP Ticon - Input, Output, Kaput EP Various Artists - Surrounded 1 Various Artists - Surrounded 2 Red Moon - Lucky