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Symbiosis Records

ReleasesCD: 7, EP: 21, LP: 4


Various Artists - Trust in trance EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0011994
Stanley Shanti & The Chillum Whallas - Placid EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0021995
Various Artists - Aban Don and Carribian Sunrise EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0031995
Various Artists - Virtual Obsession and SFX EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0041995
Technossomy - Timepiece EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0051995
Guy Sebbag & Gal Carmy - Prometheus EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0061995
Guy Sebbag & Gal Carmy - Kittle Unatik EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0071995
Cwithe - Karmachanics EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0081995
Pleiadians - Pleiadians EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0091995
Transwave - Quasar EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0101996
Various Artists - Accidental Occidentalism Sampler EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0111996
Encens - Psychedelic Sun EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0121996
Sandman - G-Force EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0131996
MFG - Shape the Future EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0141996
Pleiadians - Sonic System EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0151996
Green House Effect - Volfgang EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0171996
Sound Pollution - Where EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0181997
Spiritual & Undercover - Esylium EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0191997
Sibilant - Screecher Creature EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0201997
Various Artists - Iconblast Sampler EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0211997
Orion - Rooster EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0221997


Various Artists - BalaganSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP021996
MFG - The ProphecySymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP031996
Various Artists - FunkSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP041997
Orion - Futuristic PoetrySymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP061997


Various Artists - Accidental OccidentalismSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD011995
Various Artists - BalaganSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD021996
MFG - The ProphecySymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD031996
Various Artists - FunkSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD041997
Various Artists - IconoblastSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD051997
Orion - Futuristic PoetrySymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD061997
Sibilant - Proper FilthSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD071999
Various Artists - Aban Don and Carribian Sunrise EP Technossomy - Timepiece EP Guy Sebbag & Gal Carmy - Prometheus EP Cwithe - Karmachanics EP Pleiadians - Pleiadians EP Transwave - Quasar EP Various Artists - Accidental Occidentalism Sampler EP Encens - Psychedelic Sun EP Sandman - G-Force EP MFG - Shape the Future EP Pleiadians - Sonic System EP Green House Effect - Volfgang EP Sound Pollution - Where EP Spiritual & Undercover - Esylium EP Sibilant - Screecher Creature EP Various Artists - Iconblast Sampler EP Orion - Rooster EP Various Artists - Balagan MFG - The Prophecy Various Artists - Funk Orion - Futuristic Poetry Various Artists - Accidental Occidentalism Various Artists - Balagan MFG - The Prophecy Various Artists - Funk Various Artists - Iconoblast Orion - Futuristic Poetry Sibilant - Proper Filth