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Temple Twisters Records

ReleasesCD: 8


Various Artists - Lost Souls DepotTemple Twisters RecordsTTCD012005
Various Artists - Lethal DosesTemple Twisters RecordsTTCD022005
Claw vs Paranoize - Deadly AllianceTemple Twisters RecordsTTCD032006
Various Artists - Generator Operator DestroyerTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD042006
Kerosene Club - Forest Of The FreaksTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD052007
Various Artists - Doctors Of ChemistryTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD062007
Various Artists - Aalekh Boom!Temple Twisters RecordsTTRCD072008
Various Artists - Biomechanikal TwisterTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD082009
Various Artists - Lost Souls Depot Various Artists - Lethal Doses Claw vs Paranoize - Deadly Alliance Various Artists - Generator Operator Destroyer Kerosene Club - Forest Of The Freaks Various Artists - Doctors Of Chemistry Various Artists - Aalekh Boom! Various Artists - Biomechanikal Twister