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Trancelucent Productions

ReleasesCD: 25


Various Artists - Empty HandTrancelucent ProductionsTP012002
Purple Passion - Festival Of LifeTrancelucent ProductionsTP022002
Various Artists - Pneumatic AnglesTrancelucent ProductionsTP032002
Cosmic Tone - OverwhelmingTrancelucent ProductionsTP042003
Perplex - TranceporterTrancelucent ProductionsTP052003
Various Artists - Buckle UpTrancelucent ProductionsTP062003
Cosmic Tone - Going SoloTrancelucent ProductionsTP072004
The Misted Muppet - From The LegendTrancelucent ProductionsTP082004
Etic - Touch UpsTrancelucent ProductionsTP092004
Various Artists - CyberdelicaTrancelucent ProductionsTP102004
Electro Sun - Pure BlueTrancelucent ProductionsTP112005
Various Artists - Buckle Up 2Trancelucent ProductionsTP122005
Etic - FeedbackTrancelucent ProductionsTP132005
Various Artists - The Ayahuaska ExperienceTrancelucent ProductionsTP142006
Opposite8 - Hard EnoughTrancelucent ProductionsTP152006
System Nipel - Deep Into MatterTrancelucent ProductionsTP162006
Insomnia - Taking ControlTrancelucent ProductionsTP172006
Various Artists - Absolute TrancelucentTrancelucent ProductionsTP182007
Etic - Zooming OutTrancelucent ProductionsTP192007
Quantum - PenetrationTrancelucent ProductionsTP202007
Various Artists - Cyberdelica 2Trancelucent ProductionsTP212007
Various Artists - ForplayTrancelucent ProductionsTP222007
Electro Sun - Double TroubleTrancelucent ProductionsTP232007
Insomnia - RollercoasterTrancelucent ProductionsTP242008
System Nipel - Beyond MusicTrancelucent ProductionsTP252008
Various Artists - Empty Hand Purple Passion - Festival Of Life Various Artists - Pneumatic Angles Cosmic Tone - Overwhelming Perplex - Tranceporter Various Artists - Buckle Up Cosmic Tone - Going Solo The Misted Muppet - From The Legend Etic - Touch Ups Various Artists - Cyberdelica Electro Sun - Pure Blue Various Artists - Buckle Up 2 Etic - Feedback Various Artists - The Ayahuaska Experience Opposite8 - Hard Enough System Nipel - Deep Into Matter Insomnia - Taking Control Various Artists - Absolute Trancelucent Etic - Zooming Out Quantum - Penetration Various Artists - Cyberdelica 2 Various Artists - Forplay Electro Sun - Double Trouble Insomnia - Rollercoaster System Nipel - Beyond Music