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Trishula Records

ReleasesCD: 16
Sub-labelAjana Records
- Moved office from Germany to Holland as of 2006-08-01


Various Artists - Ignis FatuusTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0012004
Megalopsy - The Abstract MachineTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0022005
Various Artists - Mushy MysteryTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0032005
Psyfactor - Evil InsideTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0042005
Various Artists - Crazy Goblins & Wicked PixiesTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0052005
Procs - Stuck In The Oven With MeTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0062005
Mubali - Cats @ PlayTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0072006
Various Artists - MechanophobiaTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0082006
Various Artists - Sonic SeasoningTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0092006
Olien - Sounded ParatronicTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0102007
Various Artists - Phoenix RisingTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0112007
Attoya - Based On True EventsTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0122007
Mind Distortion System - He Claims To Be Not HumanTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0132007
Psyfactor - Aries MadnessTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0142008
Various Artists - Acid TransmissionTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0152008
Mubali - ShenanigansTrishula RecordsTRISHCD0162008
Various Artists - Ignis Fatuus Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine Various Artists - Mushy Mystery Psyfactor - Evil Inside Various Artists - Crazy Goblins & Wicked Pixies Procs - Stuck In The Oven With Me Mubali - Cats @ Play Various Artists - Mechanophobia Various Artists - Sonic Seasoning Olien - Sounded Paratronic Various Artists - Phoenix Rising Attoya - Based On True Events Mind Distortion System - He Claims To Be Not Human Psyfactor - Aries Madness Various Artists - Acid Transmission Mubali - Shenanigans