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Utopia Records

ReleasesCD: 27, DVD: 1


Various Artists - Born AgainUtopia RecordsUTPCD012003
Various Artists - ExodusUtopia RecordsUTPCD022003
Perplex - Circles Of LifeUtopia RecordsUTPCD032004
Various Artists - Pure ImaginationUtopia RecordsUTPCD042004
Various Artists - TimelessUtopia RecordsUTPCD052004
Audiotec - The Magic Of LoveUtopia RecordsUTPCD062004
Vibe Tribe - MelodramaUtopia RecordsUTPCD072004
Ananda Shake - Emotion In MotionUtopia RecordsUTPCD082005
Various Artists - Pure Imagination 2Utopia RecordsUTPCD092005
Chemical Drive - Sonic BoomUtopia RecordsUTPCD102005
Various Artists - Re-StartUtopia RecordsUTPCD112005
Various Artists - Pure Imagination 3Utopia RecordsUTPCD122006
Ananda Shake - We Speak MusicUtopia RecordsUTPCD132006
Audiotec - Freak ShowUtopia RecordsUTPCD142006
Vibe Tribe - Wise CracksUtopia RecordsUTPCD152006
Phanatic - In My HeadUtopia RecordsUTPCD162006
Various Artists - K-FilesUtopia RecordsUTPCD172006
Various Artists - Loud & ClearUtopia RecordsUTPCD182006
Mahamudra - Reality Is Just A MythUtopia RecordsUTPCD192007
Stereomatic - Dreams Come TrueUtopia RecordsUTPCD202007
Various Artists - Pure Imagination 4Utopia RecordsUTPCD212007
Brain Damage - Waiting For My AngelUtopia RecordsUTPCD222007
Ananda Shake - Inside The SoundUtopia RecordsUTPCD232007
Phanatic - OutsiderUtopia RecordsUTPCD242008
Various Artists - Thank You For Flying UtopiaUtopia RecordsUTPCD252008
Intersys - RechargeUtopia RecordsUTPCD262009
Soniq Vision - Noises In My HeadUtopia RecordsUTPCD282009


Perplex - TenUtopia RecordsUTPCD272009
Various Artists - Exodus Perplex - Circles Of Life Various Artists - Pure Imagination Various Artists - Timeless Audiotec - The Magic Of Love Vibe Tribe - Melodrama Ananda Shake - Emotion In Motion Various Artists - Pure Imagination 2 Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom Various Artists - Re-Start Various Artists - Pure Imagination 3 Ananda Shake - We Speak Music Audiotec - Freak Show Vibe Tribe - Wise Cracks Phanatic - In My Head Various Artists - K-Files Various Artists - Loud & Clear Mahamudra - Reality Is Just A Myth Stereomatic - Dreams Come True Various Artists - Pure Imagination 4 Brain Damage - Waiting For My Angel Ananda Shake - Inside The Sound Phanatic - Outsider Various Artists - Thank You For Flying Utopia Intersys - Recharge Soniq Vision - Noises In My Head Perplex - Ten