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Wakyo Records

ReleasesCD: 7
Sub-labelWonkavator Records


Various Artists - Night shiftWakyo RecordsWKYCD012004
Midi Miliz - Non StandardsWakyo RecordsWKYCD022005
Various Artists - Youth: SuicideWakyo RecordsWKYCD032005
Pitch Black - Halfway From Ape to AngelWakyo RecordsWKYCD072006
Various Artists - Domino EffectWakyo RecordsWKYCD082006
Various Artists - On A Dub MissionWakyo RecordsWKYCD102008
Various Artists - Crossing BordersWakyo RecordsWKYCD142007
Midi Miliz - Non Standards Various Artists - Youth: Suicide Pitch Black - Halfway From Ape to Angel Various Artists - Domino Effect Various Artists - On A Dub Mission Various Artists - Crossing Borders