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Zillion Mental Anarchie Records

ReleasesCD: 29
Sub-labelAMZ Records


Lotus Omega - Recycle BinZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0012000
Various Artists - MonarchieZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0022000
Various Artists - World Techno AllianceZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0032000
Wizzy Noise - CybermancyZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0042000
Various Artists - Z.M.A.R.TZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0052001
Paps - 2000 Hands The RemixesZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0062001
Morphem - MonitoringZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0072001
Various Artists - The RemedyZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0082001
Various Artists - Monarchie 2Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0092002
Segment - SegmentZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0102002
Morphem - Ambrosia RemixesZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0112002
Opsis - Time Means NothingZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0122002
Various Artists - A Step BeyondZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0132003
Various Artists - ConnectedZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0142003
Various Artists - The Kiel ConnectionZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0152003
Various Artists - Monarchie 3Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0162003
Overlap - 6th SenseZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0172004
Various Artists - Monarchie 4Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0182004
Various Artists - Battle RoyalZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0192004
Time Lock - 10 Seconds Away...Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0202004
Prosper - InpluggedZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0212004
The Higher Human Form - NeurohighwaysZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0222004
Various Artists - A Day After...Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0232004
Various Artists - Monarchie 5Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0242004
Interphaze - Move To The GrooveZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0252005
Spyweirdos - For Children To PlayZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0262005
Sensum - Nocturnal TransmissionsZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0272005
Various Artists - BreezeZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0282005
Fog - LustZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD0292006
Lotus Omega - Recycle Bin Various Artists - Monarchie Various Artists - World Techno Alliance Wizzy Noise - Cybermancy Various Artists - Z.M.A.R.T Paps - 2000 Hands The Remixes Morphem - Monitoring Various Artists - The Remedy Various Artists - Monarchie 2 Segment - Segment Morphem - Ambrosia Remixes Opsis - Time Means Nothing Various Artists - A Step Beyond Various Artists - Connected Various Artists - The Kiel Connection Various Artists - Monarchie 3 Overlap - 6th Sense Various Artists - Monarchie 4 Various Artists - Battle Royal Time Lock - 10 Seconds Away... Prosper - Inplugged The Higher Human Form - Neurohighways Various Artists - A Day After... Various Artists - Monarchie 5 Interphaze - Move To The Groove Spyweirdos - For Children To Play Sensum - Nocturnal Transmissions Various Artists - Breeze Fog - Lust