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V.A - Ear Pleasure


Chill Tribe Records



V.A - Ear Pleasure
01 Robert Leiner - Beginning Of The End
02 Blue Planet Corporation - Gengis Khan's Reverie
03 Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic - Forgotten Souls
04 Cosmosis - The Himalaya
05 Digital Mystery Tour - Nemo
06 Slot Machine - Quick & The Dead (Snake Thing Dub Remix)
07 Kiwa - Inside
08 Highpersonic Whomen - Free Space
09 Bluetech - Embrace
10 Zen Lemonade - Island Of Forgotten Dreams

Release info
Brain massage! Chill Tribe Records in Norway is back with a third release compiled by PKS, bringing you the cream of talented downbeat/dub/ambient producers from around the world. As usual, Chill Tribe gathers several of the most sought after pioneers in the scene, this time exploring everything from deep ambient, dub to downbeat with psychedelic rock influences. Ten handpicked tracks for your ear pleasure. No random picks or fillers. Something for those who dares to explore the more experimental side of chilled electronic music.

Release comes with an eight page booklet, including pictures and info about each artist.