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Sattyananda - Internal Activities


DadA Music



Sattyananda - Internal Activities
01 Sattyananda - Intro - Prayer
02 Sattyananda - Liquid Rising
03 Sattyananda - Internal Activity
04 Sattyananda - Peace Through Inner Peace
05 Sattyananda - Inner Knowledge
06 Sattyananda - Angel
07 Sattyananda - Acid Logic
08 Sattyananda - Bhairavi Mahadev
09 Sattyananda - Atmospheric Tallz
10 Sattyananda feat. Amaan & Ayaan Ali Khan - Space Fields

Release info
A seamless journey into the inner self.

A.k.a Nikhel Kumar Mahajan, born in last century i.e. 1979... from a very young age was expressing his inner-experiences through abstract art forms.

At the age of 16 Sattyananda was introduced to the world of computers where he found his thoughts and ideas coming to life. In 1996, he was introduced to the true GOA sound which started his journey into discovering the vast and endless possibilities that were made available to him through this Digital era. Nikhel is a student of graphic design and a qualified Sound Engineer. He was Creative Producer for Delhi's 1st FM Station - RED FM. He has worked in different areas of the Industry which range from movies, plays, TV Commercials and sound for events. Nikhel was practicing and teaching Yoga in slums after having spent time in the ART OF Living programme.

In 2005 Nikhel conceptualised an album Vande Mataram - which showcased Indian Electronica at its best. The CD was launched by Music Today. Following which he channelised his ideas and energies and was instrumental in forming India's first Electronic Label, DadA Music.

He went into the studio in the winter of 2005-06 and composed, produced and arranged 'Internal Activities'.

He has skillfully incorporated traditional Indian Classical Instruments in the compositions whereby creating a timeless journey into the inner-self.

He is deeply spiritual and feels connected with the Force- the Ocean of Consciousness.