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V.A - Ultrapop 2


Fabula Records



V.A - Ultrapop 2
01 Tom Cosm - Swagger
02 Vishnudata & Dr.Niper - We Are Family
03 Kiwa - Get Wet
04 Loopus In Fabula - Fat Ladies Bingo (Itaytaiko Thin Remix)
05 Krumelur - Pigg
06 Ocelot - Supercool
07 Loopus & Mauxuam - Civic Tv
08 Tom Cosm - Psycurious
09 Paul Kearney - Too Weird To Be True
10 Loopus In Fabula - Radio Exp
11 Talpa - Miss Ivon

  Loopus In Fabula
'Radio Exp'

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Radio Station EXP. Tonight we are featuring an interview with a very peculiar looking gentleman who goes by the name of Mr. Paul Carusoe, on the dodgy subject of are there, or are there not flying saucers or.. ahem, UFOs. Please, Mr. Carusoe, please could you give your regarded opinion on this nonsense about spaceships and even space people" @1:52

Release info
The brainchild of dance music veteran Loopus in Fabula, Fabula Records has burst onto the global psy-trance scene with a new and pioneering angle all its own. Delving into reaches of music previously untouched by most of today's psychedelic electronic producers, Fabula aims to offer the world community a fresh new sound and alternative. Their latest compilation, "Ultrapop 2" is the fruit of their dilligent labor and creativity, and what a juicy, ripe piece of fruit it is! Handpicking talent from Scandinavia to America to New Zealand, the audio alchemists of "Ultrapop 2" draw influences from a spectrum of genres, packing all the sexy dance flavors of jazz, swing, blues, funk, motown and so much more into cutting edge 21st century psy-trance... and the result is impressive, refreshing, and, in a nutshell, just what the world psy-trance scene needs! These artists have proved themselves already in the dancefloor and studio, and the sum of this album is even greater than the parts... check out "Ultrapop 2" and hear for yourself what fresh perspectives and creative innovation Fabula Records is bringing to the table!