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V.A - Blue Banquet


Iono Music



V.A - Blue Banquet
01 Mute - Cold Case (Process Remix)
02 Ix Lam At - Caza
03 Jey & Ex - Rolim
04 Dualism vs Melloo - Shaker
05 S-Range - Broadcast (Purple Remix)
06 Solano - Greyhound
07 Phaxe - Glow
08 Ritmo - Blue Connection
09 XV Kilist & Rocco - Bleed

Release info
Compiled by Murus

Murus has compiled a superb assortment of progressive gems for a CD which offers you different styles and crosses borders between progressive trance and house.

Blue Banquet is coming along with 9 passionate tracks, suitably produced by gifted musicians like veterans S-Range (Purple remixed), Dualism and Melloo, XV Kilist and Rocco, Jey and eX, IX-LAM-AT (who is a side project from well known Mexican SKI FI and Luisa Sanchez) and other notable musicians from around the globe.

All artists perform their special contribution to make that release a real multifaceted compilation and show us their present point of view on the evolution of international progressive dance music.

Carefully selected through the last months to ensure the same high quality as one can expect from an Iono Music compilation on which every progressive trance lover should find a favourite tune.