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V.A - Sun Trip 3


Lyrical Robot Records



MediaCD (2xCD)
01 Hifi Fiffi - Intro
02 Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight
03 Zodiac Youth - Mr. Redeemer
04 Semsis - Host
05 Sheyba - Into the 4th Dimension
06 UX - Life Support Technology
07 Orion - Cynabs
08 Odds - Flying to the Sky
09 Hallucinogen - Orphic Thrench
10 Doof - Double Dragons
11 Sensoria - Scrub (Remix)
12 The Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope

01 Technossomy - V.T.O.L
02 Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix)
03 Slinky Wizard - The Wizard
04 KoxBox - Stratosfear
05 Johan Svenson - Space is the Place
06 Kundalini - Interzone
07 Astral Projection - Time began with the universe (Remix)
08 Hugo Ball - Hellhead's Early Morning Blues
09 Cookieman - Talayot
10 Mandrax - Running Bye
11 The Man - Hapku
12 Shuffle King - Outro

Sound Infernal Machine
'The Loin Sleeps Tonight'

'Remember your name and adress. And telephone number too. Then if some day you lose your way, you'll know just what to do. Walk up to that kind policeman. The very first one you meet. And simply say I've lost my way, I cannot find my street.'

Sound Zodiac Youth
'Mr. Redeemer'

'Mr. Redeemer, I'm sending you to an absolum asylum for psychiatric report, if you can convince the doctors that your actions were indeed justifiable and that you are not an insane fiction of someones bad imagination, you will recive a fair trail.'

IMDB  Escape from Absolom

Sound UX
'Life Support Technology'

'Life support technology'

Sound Orion

'This direct contact from drug and receptor causes massive electrical activity.'

'There is increased electrical excitment of the 'go' area of the brain.'

Sound Doof
'Double Dragons'

'The future has already happened.'

Sound Slinky Wizard
'The Wizard'

'We must be over the rainbow.'

'I am Oz.'

'Far, far away.'

IMDB  The Wizard of Oz