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V.A - Multiple Personalities 2


Manic Dragon



V.A - Multiple Personalities 2
01 Technical Hitch vs Zoolog - Return To The Saws
02 Cyanescens vs Dark Nebula - The Delivery
03 Baphomet Engine vs Stereographic - Stereophometh
04 CPC vs Para Halu - Prince Of Darkness
05 Flipknot vs Jun - Working Secrets
06 Kindzadza vs Ocelot - Quack Attack
07 Stranger vs Zik - The Story Continues
08 Hishiryo vs D-Fragmental - Land Of The Mad
09 Blisargon Demogorgon vs Phobos Azazel - Black Forest Destiny

Release info
Hot on the heels of the debut album of Baphomet Engine, Manic Dragon is proud to present the 2nd instalment in the Multiple Personalities series. The first volume was a great success, receiving fantastic reviews, and has been sold out for some time.

Each track is a collaboration between 2 of the top producers in the underground psy-trance scene today featuring the talents of 18 of the world's best. 9 previously unreleased dark monsters will tease you and draw you into a world of dissociative identity.