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V.A - Psychedelic Visions 2 - Best Of Phantasm


Nova Tekk Records



MediaCD (2xCD)
V.A - Psychedelic Visions 2 -  Best Of Phantasm
01 Darshan - Duck
02 Synaethesiacs - Synaesthesia (Hallucinogen Remix)
03 Akasha - Beings From Another World
04 Man With No Name - Energy Level
05 Quatermass - Jiva
06 Amanite FX - Alfalfa
07 Interlect 3000 - Gravitation (Sundog Remix)
08 Lunar Asylum - Moondog
09 Silver & Steel - Dreaming Of Disco Valley
10 Sundog - Touch The Sun

01 Tufaan - Tufaan (Green Nuns of the Revolution '99 Flakey Mix)
02 Orion - Cynabs
03 Mindfield - Odyssey Of The Mind
04 O.O.O.D. - Silence
05 Semsis - Pile
06 Shakta & Ping Pong - Between The Nothing
07 Temple of Dreams - Return To Forever
08 Manmademan - Kraton 3
09 Conspiracy Theory - Project Oblivion
10 Ect - Helpless

Sound Akasha
'Beings from Another World'

'I am the dreamer, you are the dream.' (Christopher Walken)

'Beings from another world have been here on earth before.'

IMDB  Communion

Sound Sundog
'Touch the Sun'

'Upwards, upwards, into the sky flying higher and higher until I feel like I could touch the Sun'

IMDB  To Be Or Not To Be (1983)

Sound Orion

'This direct contact from drug and receptor causes massive electrical activity.'

'There is increased electrical excitment of the 'go' area of the brain.'

Sound Mindfield
'Odyssey of the Mind'

'I welcome you all to the odyssey of the mind.'

Sound Shakta & Ping Pong
'Between the Nothing'

'First you will see a spot. The spot will become a crack. This is the crack between the nothing, and out of this nothing will come your unborn soul.'

IMDB  Altered States