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Dino Psaras - Lick It


Oktava Records



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Dino Psaras - Lick It
01 Dino Psaras - Riddum
02 Dino Psaras feat. Man With No Name - Hoover
03 Dino Psaras feat. Raz - Perpetual Night Party
04 Dino Psaras feat. X-Dream - Old Cool Tweakers
05 Dino Psaras - Ear Candy
06 Dino Psaras - The Eyes
07 Dino Psaras - Triple X
08 Dino Psaras - Noodles
09 Dino Psaras - 80s Virus

  Dino Psaras feat. Raz
'Perpetual Night Party'

"The land of the perpetual night party." @ 1:46
"Day swallowing night and night swallowing day." @ 2:00
"And keep your eyes open. Nothing is as it seems." @ 2:13

IMDB  The Salton Sea

  Dino Psaras
'The Eyes'

'... believe the eyes are the windows to the soul?'


'I'm very good at reading what's in a person's eyes.'

'That's nice.'

'I'm reading yours right now.'

'What do they say?'

'They say ... you're sleepy. But I can't figure out if ... too-much-drug sleepy, too-much-work sleepy, or i'm-so-fuckin'-bored sleepy. Maybe you have that weird fuckin' sleeping disease, narco sleepy, something sleepy. <????> in a person's eyes. You should know that.'" @ 0:40

IMDB  Gun Shy

  Dino Psaras
'80s Virus'

"Questions, questions - Look at that strange boy - He finds it hard existing - To cut a long story short"