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V.A - PsyTropic Line


Psytropic Records



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V.A - PsyTropic Line
01 Manmademan - 1000 Words
02 Audiomatrixx - Triebwagen
03 Genetic Spin - Magic Woods
04 Psynina - Psytropic Red
05 Altom - People Are Strange
06 Cosmic Tone vs Ultravoice - Free Style
07 Neuromotor - Children Back In The Light pt.2
08 PTX - One Moment
09 Intersys vs Psynina - Galaxy
10 Chromosome - Unstreamable

Release info
"PsyTropic Line" represents well-known artists of the contemporary psytrance scene.

This unique composition of strong and enlightening artists makes this line very intensive and tasteful for anybody who will try it.

The listener will find himself between heaven and hell, between sane and insane and in a way he will get into a nice stream of consciousness because of participating in stories by Altoem, ManMadeMan, Chromosome, Genetic Spin, PsyNina, InterSys, Cosmic Tone, Ultravoice, PTX, Neuromotor, Audiomatic and Magnetrixx.

Any of these ten exclusive unreleased tracks will catch your mind and keep it for some time within the PsyTropic Line.