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10 Kilos Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - 10 Kilors10KGCD011998CD
Cover partialV.A - Music for all Persuasions10KGCD022001CD
CoverV.A - 10 Kilo Calling!10KGCD032002CD
CoverV.A - Taking Care Of Business10KGCD042002CD
CoverProper Filthy Naughty - Fascination10KGCD052003CD

20 Hertz Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - NaturaH20CD012009CD

21-3 Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - All Boundaries are IllusionTO3CD011997CD
CoverV.A - ElasticTO3CD021998CD
CoverV.A - Selected Highs 1 (96-98)TO3CD031998CD

24/7 Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - 24/7247CD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Event Horizon247CD0022006CD
Cover partialCompressor vs Materia - Dual Resonance247CD0032007CD
Cover partialRoomnoise Project - Light Sensitivity247CD0042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Darklines247CD0052007CD
CoverMateria - Out Of Tune247CD0072008CD
Cover partialRoomnoise Project - Sluggish247CD0062008CD
Cover partialAstartica - Core Circuit247CD0082008CD
CoverV.A - La Familia - Selected By DJ Astralex247CD0092009CD

2to6 Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Out Of Time2TO6CD0012008CD
Cover partialMalice In Wonderland - Mad Moments2TO6CD0022009CD

3D Vision Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Psychedelic - 3D Vision3DVCD0011998CD
CoverV.A - Psychotropic3DVCD0021999CD
CoverV.A - Ultra High Frequency3DVCD0031999CD
CoverTalamasca - Beyond the Mask3DVCD0042000CD
CoverV.A - Download3DVCD0052000CD
CoverV.A - Program Change3DVCD0062001CD
CoverV.A - Sub Science3DVCD0072001CD
CoverNomad - Hyperactive3DVCD0082001CD
CoverV.A - 3D Story3DVCD0092002CD
CoverV.A - Inside3DVCD0102002CD
CoverEntheogenic - Entheogenic3DVCD0112002CD
CoverV.A - Jetlag - Futuristic Sound Engine3DVCD0122002CD
CoverV.A - Module 013DVCD0142002CD
CoverV.A - Master Minds3DVCD0152003CD
CoverTalamasca - Zodiac3DVCD0162003CD
CoverCentral Processing Unit - Central Processing Unit3DVCD0172003CD
CoverNomad - Mad Attack3DVCD0182003CD
CoverV.A - Module 023DVCD0192004CD
CoverAbsolum - Inside The Sphere3DVCD0202004CD
CoverV.A - The Sound Syndicate3DVCD0212004CD
CoverV.A - Killers Inc. - Global Sound Conspiracy3DVCD0222005CD
CoverCentral Processing Unit - Computer Error3DVCD0232005CD
Cover partialV.A - 3D Story 23DVCD0242005CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Factory3DVCD0252005CD
CoverTranswave - Backfire3DVCD0262007CD
Cover partialV.A - Hardfloor3DVCD0272007CD
Cover partialAzax Syndrom - Evolution3DVCD0282007CD
Cover partialConcept - Paranormal3DVCD0292007CD
Cover partialV.A - Ibiza Lounge Spirit3DVCD0302007CD
Cover partialV.A - The Exploding Man3DVCD0312007CD
Cover partialAbomination - Planet X3DVCD0322008CD
Cover partialV.A - Sharp - Selected By Absolum3DVCD0332008CD
Cover partialOuter Signal - Fabric Of Space3DVCD0342009CD

3rd Mind Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - The Influence3rdCD011997CD

5th Element Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - ChroniclesTFECD0012007CD
Cover partialGorump Peyya - Mystery Of NitzzyTFECD0022008CD
Cover partialV.A - No Mercy For The WeakTFECD0032008CD
Cover partialEnichkin - A Particle Of InfinityTFECD0042008CD

6-Dimension Soundz  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialFlying Scorpions - Lipoptena Cervi6DCD012003CD
Cover partialMandalavandalz - Kamakaze6DCD022003CD
Cover partialMandalavandalz - Chapora Nightlife6DCD032004CD
Cover partialSci Forest - Fetish Box6DCD042005CD
Cover partialMandalavandalz - Poisonmachine6DCD052005CD
CoverPuoskari - Open The Forest6DCD062006CD
CoverExuus - No Controlling6DCD072006CD
Cover partialV.A - No Possible Soundz6DCD082006CD
Cover partialV.A - No Possible Soundz 36DCD092008CD
Cover partialV.A - 6 Dimension Soundz Mixed By Sharaku6DCD102008CD
Cover partialMandalavandalz - King Of The Bad Trips6DCD112008CD

67 Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialStarseed - A Million Hz Away670132005CD
Cover partialReon - Movement670152008CD

972 Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialF.T.C - The Package Of Life972-12003CD
Cover partialHoly Men - The One972-22003CD
Cover partialMudra - The Way To Nara972-32003CD
Cover partialGeemel - Smoke Dub972-42003CD

9th Circle Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Carnage Valley9THCD0012009CD

A.M.E. Media  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialGuitarminator - G1AMECD0032006CD

Aboriginal Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSecret Vibes - FireflyARCD012009CD

Abstrait Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Le Café Abstrait 3 - These so simple placesAM012002CD
CoverV.A - Le Café Abstrait 4 - Soundtrack for a momentAM042003CD
CoverV.A - Le Voyage AbstraitAM082005CD
Cover partialV.A - Le Café Abstrait 5 - The Epilogue Of A JourneyAM142006CD
Cover partialV.A - Le Café Abstrait 6AM202009CD

ACDC Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverSaiko-Pod - PhutureremixesACDCD0012004CD
CoverKruger & Coyle - Randy ExpanderACDCD0022004CD
Cover partialV.A - High Voltage House MusicACDCD0032005CD
Cover partialGreed - TemptationACDCD0052006CD

Acid Casualties Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Progressive Trance - The End of an EraACDC011CD2002CD

Acidance Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverParasense - AppleACIDCD0012001CD
CoverV.A - Drug TherapyACIDCD0022001CD
CoverNeuromotor - Neuro DamageACIDCD0032001CD
CoverPsyside - First ContactACIDCD0042001CD
CoverV.A - Same RecipeACIDCD0052002CD
CoverEarthling - PatternsACIDCD0062002CD
CoverParasense - AvangaroACIDCD0072003CD
CoverV.A - Ritual DanceACIDCD0082003CD
CoverFull Color - UtopiaACIDCD0092003CD
CoverDigital Talk - New Age SurfACIDCD0102004CD
CoverV.A - SubcultureACIDCD0112005CD
Cover partialV.A - Dirty SouthACIDCD0122005CD
Cover partialDissociactive - BlockoutACIDCD0132005CD
Cover partialNeuromotor - Bloody RealityACIDCD0142005CD
Cover partialV.A - A Violent ReactionACIDCD0152006CD
Cover partialFungus Funk - F PeopleACIDCD0162006CD
Cover partialV.A - Stompers AgonyACIDCD0182007CD
Cover partialAudiopathik - Global KillerACIDCD0192008CD

Acoustic Motions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialS-Ral - ElectrolysisAMCD0012005CD

Activ Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - The Galaxy of Psi-TranceACTIVCD091996CD

Active Meditation Music  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Bounty HuntersAMMCD0012009CD

Active Neo Psy Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Psychedelic SpeakerANPCD0012005CD
Cover partialVisual Space Access - DreambeamANPCD0022007CD

Adama Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Spoken WeirdAD0012008CD
Cover partialV.A - Hectic DialectAD0022009CD
Cover partialTen-G - Draconic SunAD0032009CD

Adapted Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialCrazy Ducks - QuacktasticADAPTED012008CD
Cover partialV.A - Unrestricted EvolutionADAPTED022008CD
Cover partialSattel Battle - Barefoot FunkADAPTED042009CD

Addic-Sound Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - InnoculatedASCD012006CD
Cover partialV.A - PropagationASCD022007CD

Adodisc Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverAcidlab - Route 303ADOCD011998CD

Aeon Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - AriseAEONCD012004CD
Cover partialV.A - RefreshAEONCD022005CD

Afrogalactic Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Alien SafariAFROCD0012002CD
CoverV.A - Alien Safari ReloadedAFROCD0022003CD
CoverV.A - Area 69AFROCD0032003CD
Cover partialV.A - Wild Spirits - Strong MedicineAFROCD0042004CD
Cover partialV.A - DecadanceAFROCD0052005CD
Cover partialFrozen Ghost - Just One BiteAFROCD0062006CD
Cover partialV.A - Radioactive Rubber PantsAFROCD0072007CD

Afterburn Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverProdigal Sun - Twisted HarmonicsAFTCD0012002CD
CoverProdigal Sun - Do Not PanicAFTCD0022003CD

Agitato Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialToast3d - OneAGE10462006CDS
CoverV.A - Spiritual MovesAGE10011999CD
CoverSpace Buddha - Space BuddhaAGE10022000CD
V.A - Alien NationAGE10032000CD
Cover partialIndica - Fairy TalesAGE10042000CD
Cover partialV.A - Spiritual Moves 2: Busted GroovesAGE10052000CD
Cover partialV.A - Analog Reflections 1AGE10062000CD
Cover partialSpace Buddha - Eternity ProjectAGE10072001CD
Cover partialDigital Karma - Hyper SoundAGE10082001CD
Cover partialV.A - Virtual Trance 2: Digital AlchemyAGE10092001CD
Cover partialV.A - Spiritual Moves 3: Acid GermsAGE10102001CD
Cover partialV.A - Cosmic EvolutionAGE10112001CD
Cover partialV.A - Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey 1AGE10122001CD
Cover partialV.A - Analog Reflections 2: Five SensesAGE10142001CD
Cover partialDelirious - Tales From The UnknownAGE10152001CD
CoverPierre Cloud - La MomentAGE10162001CD
Cover partialV.A - Flip Out 1: Mixed by Avi AlgranatiAGE10172001CD
Cover partialSpace Buddha - StigmataAGE10182001CD
CoverV.A - Spiritual Moves 4: Crazy MunchiesAGE10192002CD
Cover partialV.A - Analog Reflections 3: Speaker JunkiesAGE10202002CD
Cover partialV.A - Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey 2AGE10212002CD
Cover partialV.A - BPM: Bionic Pulse MethodAGE10222002CD
Cover partialPsydrop - The Miracle ManAGE10232002CD
Cover partialV.A - Flip Out 2: Mxed By OforiaAGE10242002CD
CoverSpace Buddha - Jungle Of WhishesAGE10252002CD
Cover partialV.A - Virtual Trance 3: Solar TransmissionAGE10262002CD
Cover partialBoo-Reka - Corrupt Data FactoryAGE10272002CD
Cover partialCyber Cartel - Magic VisionAGE10282002CD
Cover partialV.A - Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey 3AGE10292003CD
Cover partialV.A - BPM: Bionic Pulse Method 2AGE10302003CD
Cover partialPsydrop - Fantasy SeedsAGE10312003CD
Cover partialV.A - Agitato Homemade - The Indoor BibleAGE10322003CD
Cover partialV.A - Spiritual Moves 5: Chemical LogicAGE10332003CD
Cover partialSpace Buddha - Storm ReactionAGE10342003CD
CoverSpace Monkey - Psychotic EpisodeAGE10352004CD
CoverV.A - Flip Out 3: Compiled by PsydropAGE10362004CD
Cover partialIndica - Visions Of TomorrowAGE10372004CD
Cover partialV.A - BPM: Bionic Pulse Method 3AGE10382004CD
Cover partialTrauma - Tb-o-Not-2bAGE10392004CD
Cover partialV.A - Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey 4AGE10402005CD
Cover partialV.A - Stereo ActivityAGE10412005CD
CoverMichele Adamson - Fallen AngelAGE10422005CD
Cover partialV.A - Agitato Homemade 2AGE10432005CD
Cover partialV.A - Flip Out 4: Compiled by Beat HackersAGE10442005CD
Cover partialSpace Monkey - HyperactiveAGE10452006CD
Cover partialV.A - Spiritual Moves 6: Future QuestAGE10472006CD
Cover partialSpace Buddha - Full CircleAGE10482006CD
Cover partialV.A - Goa GenerationAGE10492006CD
Cover partialV.A - Flip Out 5: Compiled by Space BuddhaAGE10502007CD
Cover partialBeat Hackers - Notes JunkyAGE10512007CD
Cover partialV.A - Forum Mega ClubAGE10522007CD
Cover partialOpium Of The Masses - The Lost PlanetAGE10532007CD
Cover partialToast3d - High InfinityAGE10542007CD
Cover partialV.A - Agitato Homemade 3AGE10552007CD
Cover partialSpace Buddha - No ShieldsAGE10562008CD
Cover partialV.A - High Definition EditionAGE10582008CD
Cover partialV.A - Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey 5AGE10572008CD
Cover partialV.A - High Definition Edition 2AGE10602008CD
Cover partialCyber Cartel - Who Needs To Sleep AnywayAGE10592008CD
Cover partialBeat Hackers - Not For SaleAGE10612009CD
Cover partialV.A - Psyconnection - Compiled By Dj SevenAGE10622009CD
Cover partialBamboo Forest - The Seven ChakrasAGE10632009CD

Agnosia Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialBandit - Looking for the ElementAGNO14-22001CD
Cover partialFlash - Far & BeyondAGNO15-22001CD
Cover partialFlash - Global TribeAGNO16-22001CD

Aiam Project Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - IndependanceAP0012008CD

Air Snare Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - 1001 Flights - Compiled by Djv KaaASRCD0012008CD

Ajana Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - A Magical JourneyAJACD0012005CD
CoverFrechbax - FrechAJACD0022005CD
Cover partialCapsula - Synthesis Of RealityAJACD0032005CD
Cover partialPsyfactor - Endless UniverseAJACD0042006CD
Cover partialV.A - A Magical Journey 2AJACD0052006CD
Cover partialElectrypnose - Subliminimal MelancholiesAJACD0062006CD
Cover partialKhooman - Is A Flexible LiquidAJACD0072007CD
Cover partialObjekt4 - Space Jungle SlumsAJACD0082007CD
Cover partialV.A - Materia MusicaAJACD0092008CD
Cover partialChronos & C.J. Catalizer - Quid Est VeritasAJACD0112009CD

Ajuca Productions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - AmazoniaAJUCD0032004CD
Cover partialPerplex - Dynamic UniverseAJUCD0042004CD
Cover partialV.A - States of AwarenessAJUCD0052005CD
CoverZ-Man - Story TellerAJUCD0062005CD

Alchemy Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - ElectrumALCD0012001CD
CoverV.A - Conspirators of PleasureALCD0022002CD
CoverV.A - Digital TribeALCD0032002CD
CoverMiraculix - DetonatorALCD0042002CD
CoverDark Soho - CombustionALCD0052002CD
CoverV.A - Virtual MemoryALCD0062003CD
CoverFatali - MomentsALCD0072003CD
CoverV.A - Wild LifeALCD0082003CD
CoverRinkadink - Rabbit From DarksideALCD0092004CD
CoverV.A - Doppler FXALCD0102004CD
CoverMiraculix - The ArrivalALCD0112004CD
CoverV.A - Fairy TalesALCD0122004CD
CoverDark Soho - Light In The DarkALCD0132004CD
CoverV.A - Wild Life - Jungle JuiceALCD0142004CD
CoverBroken Toy - Broken ToyALCD0152005CD
CoverRinkadink - Pirate SignalALCD0162005CD
CoverV.A - InterphaseALCD0172005CD
Cover partialFreakulizer - The Awakening ProcessALCD0182005CD
Cover partialV.A - Wild Life - Surfing On SoundwavesALCD0192005CD
Cover partialV.A - ElsewhereALCD0202006CD
Cover partialV.A - Solar AgentALCD0212006CD
Cover partialV.A - Luna AgentALCD0222007CD
Cover partialBroken Toy - The Low Down Dirty Sound of...ALCD0232007CD
Cover partialV.A - EchoALCD0242008CD
Cover partialBurn In Noise - Passing CloudsALCD0262008CD
Cover partialFlip Flop - Floppy DriveALCD0252008CD
Cover partialFreakulizer - Frequencies Of SoundALCD0282009CD

Aleph Zero  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverShulman - In Search of a Meaningful MomentALEPHZ012003CD
Cover partialBluetech - Elementary Particles + Prima MateriaALEPHZ022004CD
Cover partialV.A - Natural Born ChillersALEPHZ032004CD
CoverBluetech - Sines and SingularitiesALEPHZ042005CD
CoverShulman - Random ThoughtsALEPHZ052006CD
CoverOmnimotion - Dream Wide AwakeALEPHZ062006CD
Cover partialV.A - Midnight Soul DiveALEPHZ072007CD
CoverShulman - Endless Rhythms Of The Beatless HeartALEPHZ082007CD
Cover partialVataff Project - KalitzALEPHZ092008CD
Cover partialUnoccupied - Everyday LifeALEPHZ112008CD
Cover partialHibernation - Some Things Never ChangeALEPHZ102008CD
Cover partialV.A - Natural Born Chillers 2ALEPHZ122009CD
Cover partialBluetech - The Divine InvasionALEPHZ132009CD

Alien News Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialDeedrah - Far and AwayHADSHMCD012001CDS
Cover partialPPS Project - Dream CycleHADSHMCD022002CDS
Cover partial3.Turn - RemixesHADSHMCD032002CDS
Cover partialEargear - Panatlantic RemixesHADSHMCD042002CDS
Cover partialVernon - WondererHADSHMCD052002CDS
CoverGrowling Mad Scientists - Chaos LaboratoryHADSHCD0011997CD
CoverV.A - StereopolyHADSHCD0021997CD
CoverSonic Fusion - ConfusedHADSHCD0031999CD
CoverV.A - Heavy MachineryHADSHCD0041999CD
CoverSandman - Psycho ToonsHADSHCD0052000CD
CoverV.A - ShiftHADSHCD0062000CD
Cover3.Turn - By Any Means NecessaryHADSHCD0072000CD
CoverV.A - UndercoverHADSHCD0082000CD
CoverSnug as a Bug - Imitate PeopleHADSHCD0092001CD
CoverV.A - Hosted 1HADSHCD0102001CD
CoverActivate Morlack - Illegal RemixesHADSHCD0112001CD
CoverDeedrah - ReloadHADSHCD0122001CD
CoverV.A - Devil is a DJHADSHCD0132001CD
CoverAbra Cadabra - AbracadabraHADSHCD0142001CD
CoverLegura - StruktureHADSHCD0152002CD
CoverSonic Fusion - DiscoveryHADSHCD0162002CD
CoverV.A - Side EffectHADSHCD0172002CD
CoverV.A - Hosted 2 - Red SquareHADSHCD0182002CD
Cover3.Turn - ExplicitHADSHCD0192002CD
CoverEargear - PanatlaticHADSHCD0202002CD
CoverV.A - Emergency ExitHADSHCD0212002CD
CoverPlanet B.E.N. - TestHADSHCD0222003CD
CoverPPS Project - AC vs DCHADSHCD0232003CD
CoverV.A - Classic RemixHADSHCD0242003CD
CoverUniversal Sound Squad - Cease FireHADSHCD0252003CD
CoverKontrasequenz - ZeitverschwendungHADSHCD0262004CD
CoverV.A - ChosenHADSHCD0272003CD
CoverVision & Canedy - Another LifeHADSHCD0282004CD
CoverV.A - Chosen 2HADSHCD0292004CD
CoverV.A - Floorfiller - DirtyHADSHCD0302004CD
Cover partialV.A - ElectropunkHADSHCD0312004CD
Cover partialV.A - Chosen 3HADSHCD0322005CD
Cover partialV.A - Floorfiller - RestlessHADSHCD0332005CD
Cover partialV.A - Electropunk: Viva la revolutionHADSHCD0342006CD
Cover partialV.A - Based On A True StoryHADSHCD0352007CD
Cover partialLudvig & Stelar - RelaxHADSHCD0362008CD

Alkaloid Productions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - True RealityALKCD0012004CD
CoverCyanescens - Liquid CrystalALKCD0022004CD
CoverV.A - What Is The Rush?ALKCD0032005CD
Cover partialV.A - Brighten UpALKCD0042005CD
Cover partialEncephalopaticys - Psychotermic MeditationALKCD0052006CD

Alpha Production  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAlpha Circuit - Module-ZALPHACD0012006CD
CoverAcid Prophecy - Digital DeliriumALPHACD0022007CD
Cover partialTNT Project - Psychedelic KennyALPHACD0052008CD

Altar Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - AirARCD012009CD
Cover partialV.A - WaterARCD022009CD

Altitude Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Hippies with an altitude - Are you goa enough?ALTCD0012003CD

Amaris Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - LunikAMARISCD0012007CD

Ambivalent Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverDeviant Species - Quest For BalojaxAMBCD012001CD
CoverV.A - Creeping Ambivalent TendenciesAMBCD022002CD
CoverV.A - Significant Elf ProclivityAMBCD032002CD
CoverV.A - Contra Polar ActivityAMBCD042003CD
CoverScorb - ScorbAMBCD052003CD
CoverDeviant Species - In The Hands Of The RandomiserAMBCD062004CD
Cover partialV.A - Further Ambivalent TendenciesAMBCD072006CD

Amboworld  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverHoopy Frood - PsychonautAMBOCD012004CD
CoverSounds From The Ground - LuminalAMBOCD022004CD
Cover partialChilled C'quence - Magic SenseAMBOCD032006CD

Amoeba Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - First LightARCD0012005CD
Cover partialV.A - InterceptorARCD0022006CD
Cover partialV.A - PsyanideARCD0032006CD
Cover partialInsaneacyde - SquigeeverseARCD0042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Bundu BashersARCD0052008CD

AMZ Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverManibus - EscapeAMZCD0012003CD

Anomaly System Recordings  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverActivate Morlack - MassiveANOCD0012007CD

Antimateria Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - We Are Just EnergyANTMACD00012009CD

Antiscarp Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Speaker GreaseANSCD012007CD
Cover partialIgor Swamp - Metsa Vastaa, Kuuleeko SuomiANSCD032007CD
Cover partialCalamar Audio - Tentacle TubucANSCD022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Garlic ShakeANSCD042008CD
Cover partialSnyper - BulletproofANSCD052009CD

Antu Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialItal - Spiritual VibesANTCD0012008CD
Cover partialV.A - Elementos SagradosANTCD0022009CD

Anunaki Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Hidden FreshnessARCD0012009CD

Anything Goze Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverChristophe Goze - SiroccoGOZECD012004CD
CoverChristophe Goze - DOTGOZECD022004CD

AP Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAnalog Pussy - UndergroundAP1012001CD
Cover partialAnalog Pussy - Vinyl TraxAP1042002CD
Cover partialV.A - First ImpressionAP1062002CD
Cover partialV.A - Chiller Waves - State Of The Art Ambient BeatsAP1072002CD
Cover partialV.A - PsybrationAP1082002CD
Cover partialV.A - PsycomexAP1092003CD
Cover partialAnalog Pussy - Trance N RollAP1152004CD
Cover partialV.A - Psybration - Fundamental ProgressionAP1172004CD
Cover partialV.A - Psycomex - The Peyote TrailAP1202004CD
CoverMeller - Solar DrumsAP1222004CD
Cover partialAnalog Pussy - Future The RemixesAP1252004CD
Cover partialSharigrama - Mexican MushroomAP1292005CD
Cover partialV.A - Psycomex - MalinaliAP1322005CD
Cover partialMagnetrixx - WiredAP1342005CD
Cover partialSmuhg - BalamAP1412005CD
Cover partialLamat - Master ControlAP1442005CD
Cover partialV.A - Shamanic StateAP1462006CD
Cover partialPsypsiq Jicuri - A Rain Of Hope In The GalaxyAP1492006CD
Cover partialF.F.T - Future Frequency TechnologyAP1522006CD
Cover partialV.A - Psycomex - TlalocAP1542006CD
Cover partialLamat - FearlessAP1582007CD
Cover partialProtonica - SearchAP1592007CD
Cover partialV.A - Psycho Navigation SystemsAP1602008CD
Cover partialAudiomatrixx - VariationsAP1612008CD
Cover partialFrenessy - Lost Sound DigitalAP1622008CD
Cover partialProtonica - Upstream RemixesAP1642008CD
Cover partialF.F.T - On TopAP1652008CD
Cover partialHan Solo - Hyper RealityAP1632008CD
Cover partialLamat - Under PressureAP1662008CD
Cover partialPsypsiq Jicuri - A New WorldAP1672009CD
Cover partialHypnoxock - Synthetic ResurrectionAP1692009CD
Cover partialSmosh - Connecting WorldsAP1682009CD

Aphonix Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Future ConstruxAPHONIXCD012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Violent DiamondAPHONIXCD022008CD
CoverD-Fusion - UnlimitedAPHONIXCD032009CD

Apocalypse Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - New World OrderAPOCD01 2005CD
Cover partialV.A - Vision Of The FutureAPOCD022006CD

Apoxina Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - PsychovaderAPOXCD012002CD
CoverTrold - Once Upon A Time ...APOXCD022003CD
CoverV.A - Moon UnitAPOXCD032005CD
Cover partialV.A - Long Space DistortionAPOXCD042009CD

Aquad Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Prabhamandala - Luminous PsyrcleAQD0011999CD
Prabhamandala - SubshifterAQD0022000CD

Aquarius Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverRoy Aquarius - Beneath an Indian SkyPOPCD011996CDS
CoverV.A - Indian BeatsAqua1CD1995CD
Cover partialTrans Lucid - Dream DustAqua2CD1997CD
Cover partialBeach Buddha - Gilding the LilyAqua3CD1997CD
CoverV.A - Trance-OgraphyAqua4CD1997CD
CoverK90 - K90Aqua5CD1998CD

Aquatec Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Sea WeedAtect01CD1996CD
CoverV.A - Sonic AnarchyAtect02CD1999CD

ARC Music  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverDidjitalis - Australian Trance DanceEUCD20222006CD

Arcadia Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialTalamasca - Illusion WorldARCCD0082005CDS
CoverSafi Connection - AuthenticARCCD0022003CD
Cover partialNeuromotor - The Electrik-CityARCCD0032003CD
CoverTotal Eclipse - Update FilesARCCD0042004CD
Cover partialEskimo - Take A Look Out ThereARCCD0052004CD
Cover partialTheoreme - Less Is MoreARCCD0092005CD

Area 709 Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAnahata - Conduktor709-00012008CD

Aries Tunes  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - ChaishopARSCD0011999CD
V.A - Aries Tunes 002AISCD0022000CD

Arkona Creation Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - PerkuneyaARKNCD0012008CD

AS Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Ace's and KingsASRCD0012009CD

Ascend Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverNuclear Ramjet - Age Of AquariusASC001CD1998CD
Cover partialNuclear Ramjet - Music for SpaceportsASC002CD2001CD

Atmospherex Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
V.A - Exotic Robotics - Pleasure 141xAX012000CD

Atomic Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Kiss The Future 1ATOM001CD1999CD
CoverSemsis - Letting GoATOM002CD1999CD
CoverV.A - ElectrosectATOM003CD1999CD
CoverPsychaos - Cause and EffectATOM004CD1999CD
CoverV.A - Single Cell 1ATOM005CD2000CD
CoverV.A - Serial KillazATOM006CD2000CD
Cover partialV.A - Corrosive Breaks 1ATOM007CD2000CD
CoverV.A - Kiss the Future 2 - ProcyonATOM008CD2000CD
CoverV.A - Behind the Scenes - Marc Van Der VlugtATOM009CD2001CD
CoverV.A - Atomic PowderATOM010CD2001CD
CoverV.A - Single Cell 2ATOM011CD2002CD
CoverV.A - Kiss The Future 3ATOM012CD2002CD

CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - NeurotransistorAACD022004CD
Cover partialV.A - SynesthesiaAACD032009CD
Cover partialV.A - Macro SpaceAACD042009CD

Audiosex Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAudiosex - Killer HertzASEX0052007CD
Cover partialShambala Networks - Deep Spiritual Network ConnectionsASEX0062008CD
Cover partialAudiosex - Female IntuitionASEX0072008CD

Auracle Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverCrop Circles - Lunar Civilisation EPAURAEP0031997CDS

AuraQuake Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialPenta - FunraiserAQCD001 2005CD
Cover partialV.A - Seismic MoodAQCD0022005CD
Cover partialV.A - Jitter GlowAQCD0032006CD
Cover partialPenta - Horn PleaseAQCD0042007CD
Cover partialPenta - Portuguese AbductionAQCD0052007CD
Cover partialPenta - Give Me Five!AQCD0062009CD

Aurinko Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialTim Schuldt - Traced Back MixesAURCDS012002CDS
Cover partialHoleg & Spies - Godisnotgoth MixesAURCDS022003CDS
CoverV.A - ScoreAURCD011998CD
V.A - CatcherAURCD022001CD
CoverTim Schuldt - First Error CodeAURCD032003CD
CoverFour Carry Nuts - Mechanical AgeAURCD042004CD

Automatic Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Response - Mixed By Ashley CasselleAUTOCD0012001CD

Avalanche Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Avalanche of Sound 1AVACD012003CD
CoverV.A - Avalanche of Sound 2AVACD022004CD
Cover partialSBK - BorderlineAVACD032004CD
CoverV.A - Avalanche of Sound 3AVACD042005CD
CoverTaucher - Progression vol 1AVACD052005CD
Cover partialV.A - Avalanche of Sound 4AVACD062005CD
Cover partialElement - AlterationAVACD072005CD
Cover partialPhilo - DropzoneAVACD082005CD
Cover partialTrancefeld - KemikAVACD092006CD

Avatar Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverAsia 2001 - Ama ZoneAVA0011998CD
CoverV.A - Forest Of The Saints mixed by Goa GilAVA0021998CD
Cover partialElectric Universe - Blue PlanetAVA0031999CD
CoverAsia 2001 - DreamlandAVA0042000CD
CoverToi Doi - TechnologicAVA0052000CD
Cover partialV.A - Aviation Terminal 1AVA0062001CD
CoverDreamfish - DreamfishAVA0072001CD
Cover partialAsia 2001 - AbductionAVA0092001CD
Cover partialX-Dream - We Created Our Own HappinessAVA0102001CD
Cover partialV.A - Retrodelic VibesAVA0112002CD
Cover partialPsychoz - PsychozAVA0122002CD
CoverElysium Project - RegeneratedAVA0132002CD
CoverSynchro - Born In CaliforniaAVA0142002CD
CoverTotal Eclipse - Violent RelaxationAVA0152003CD
CoverLumen - EsperantoAVA0162003CD
CoverCydonia - In Fear Of A Red PlanetAVA0172003CD
CoverV.A - Towards The OneAVA0182003CD
CoverThomas Leer - Conversation PeaceAVA0192003CD
CoverThe Nommos - DigitariaAVA0202004CD
CoverThe Infinity Project - Mystical ExperiencesAVA0212004CD
CoverJupiter 8000 - Twisted BlissAVA0222004CD
Cover partialReflex - Guide By TimeAVA0232004CD
Cover partialPrana - GeomantikAVA0242004CD
CoverIndoor - Progressive TranceAVA0252004CD
Cover partialV.A - Retrodelic Vibes 2AVA0262005CD
CoverSandman - WitchcraftAVA0272005CD
CoverOrion - Futuristic PoetryAVA0282005CD
Cover partialV.A - Karmageddon - Mixed by Goa GilAVA0292005CD
Cover partialAsia 2001 - AmnesiaAVA0302005CD
Cover partialNimba - ElementsAVA0312005CD
Cover partialEcho System - HeadlandAVA0322005CD
Cover partialV.A - Deck Wizards 4 - Goa Gil - KosmokratorAVA0332005CD
CoverElysium - Dance For The Celestial BeingsAVA0342005CD
Cover partialGMS - Chaos LaboratoryAVA0352006CD
Cover partialV.A - Terminal 2AVA0362006CD
Cover partialHux Flux - Cryptic CrunchAVA0372006CD
Cover partialThe Nommos - Primal MeltdownAVA0392006CD
Cover partialV.A - The Riddle Of Santa CatherinaAVA0382006CD
Cover partialV.A - Cafe GoaAVA0402006CD
Cover partialV.A - Retrodelic Vibes 3AVA0412007CD
Cover partialV.A - Worldbridger - Mixed By Goa GilAVA0422007CD
Cover partialV.A - NightvisionAVA0432007CD
Cover partialAstroPilot - Fruits Of The ImaginationAVA0442007CD
Cover partialV.A - Cafe Tel AvivAVA0452007CD
CoverV.A - Avatar 10AVA0462008CD
Cover partialYoga Mantra - Music For Deep Relaxation & MeditationAVA0472008CD
Cover partialV.A - The Riddle Of Isla De PascuaAVA0482008CD
Cover partialV.A - Retrodelic Vibes 4AVA0492008CD
Cover partialOverdream - WonderwiseAVA0512008CD
Cover partialPharmacore & Becoming Intense - Pharmacore & Becoming IntenseAVA0502008CD
Cover partialThe Kumba Mela Experiment - East Of The River GangesAVA0532009CD
Cover partialCeltic Cross - HicksvilleAVA0522009CD
Cover partialEnichkin - In Memory Of LoveAVA0542009CD
Cover partialOcelot - OneAVA0562009CD
Cover partialV.A - Goa Gil - Kali YugaAVA0572009CD

Avigmatic Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Positive AlchemistsAVICD0012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Positive Alchemists 2AVICD0022006CD
Cover partialDigicult - Avenida De BelgicaAVICD0032006CD
Cover partialLife Extenstion - Side EffectsAVICD0052007CD
Cover partialV.A - Positive Alchemists 3AVICD0042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Positive Alchemists 4AVICD0072009CD

Aximy Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - IrreversibleAX012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Irreversible 2AXCD0022006CD

Ayahuasca Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialCubica - Tiny ShellACD0012001CDS
Cover partialV.A - DaneismACD0022002CD

Ayia Napa  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSaafi Brothers - SupernaturalAYA2080322007CD

Backroom Beats  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverElectroslide - Near Life ExperienceBBEAT002CD2002CD
CoverToires - SanatiBBEAT003CD2002CD
CoverV.A - Backroom Beats 2BBEAT004CD2003CD
CoverHi Fi Companions - Swingers In ParadiseBBEAT005CD2004CD
CoverFlexitones - JoyriderBBEAT007CD2005CD
CoverWestern Rebel Alliance - Western Rebel AllianceBBEAT006CD2006CD

Balloonia Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialEcliptic - AguaBALLMCD012003CDS
CoverQuantum On DNA - Triple EspressoBALLMCD022004CDS
Cover partialDNA - PavilionBALLMCD032004CDS
CoverAnalog Pussy - Psycho Bitch from HellBALLCD011999CD
Cover partialInsect Sun - Slow DiveBALLCD022002CD
Cover partialRastaliens - FreestyleBALLCD032002CD
Cover partialVik On Injection - Welcome To SpaceBALLCD052003CD
Cover partialV.A - Miko - X-Wave 2BALLCD062003CD
Cover partialV.A - OutsiderBALLCD072004CD
Cover partialKlopfgeister - Sweet CompromiseBALLCD082005CD

Baluns Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - OtherwiseBALUCD012001CD
CoverV.A - AnotherwiseBALUCD022002CD
CoverPope of Gegga - Living In The PastBALUCD032003CD

Bazooka 10 Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Erectional ThoughtsBAZCD012002CD

Beats and Pieces Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Mental CaseBNPCD012004CD

Beyond Logic  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Project Sun DewBL04PSD2004CD
Cover partialV.A - Endless EuphoriaBL05PSD2006CD
Cover partialIron Madness - Slaughter ShiverBL06PSD2007CD
Cover partialKiller Buds - Synthetic VisionBL07PSD2008CD

Bhooteshwara Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Surreal DetachmentBHOOTCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Weird Rites And Godless RevelsBHOOTCD0022007CD
Cover partialTryambaka - The Colour Of TimeBHOOTCD0032008CD
Cover partialV.A - Future MemoryBHOOTCD0042008CD

Big Foot Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverFuture Prophecy - ShadowsBF50111999CD

Bio-Sine Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Cloud CatcherBIOCD0012007CD
Cover partialV.A - PrimordialBIOCD0022008CD

Biomechanix Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Biomechanik ImpulseBMCD0012009CD
Cover partialV.A - Guerreros AztecasBMCD0022009CD
Cover partialV.A - Raise Of The SkullsBMCS0032009CD

Bionics Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - RebornBIOCD012001CD
Cover partialV.A - Future LinkBIOCD022002CD
Cover partialIntergalactic - Outer GalaxyBIOCD032003CD
Cover partialV.A - Onyx - Direct OutBIOCD042003CD
Cover partialPTX - Participate In The X-PerimentBIOCD052005CD

Black Flame Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Party - Outlaw TranceBF444021997CD
CoverV.A - Chill 'n' Vibes - Outlaw Trance 2BF444321998CD
CoverV.A - Colors of TranceBF880021999CD

Black Magik Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Morthor SpedeBMR6662007CD
Cover partialRawar - Psychedelic Inferno, Black Book IBMR6012007CD
Cover partialPalex - Mortifer FoedusBMR6022007CD
Cover partialJesus Raves - Sick BrainBMR7012009CD

Blissbits Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialKailum - More Reflexions Of The WorldBLISSCD092005CD
Cover partialMutant Star - DemimodeBLISSCD102006CD

Blissdom Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Soundwave SplashBLISSCD0012006CD

Blitz Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - OverpoweredBLZCD0012009CD

Blitz Studios  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSamadhi & Fungus Funk - Vostok 1BLITZ012008CD
Cover partialSulima - Time ShiftBLITZ022009CD
CoverV.A - Sun BlitzBLITZ032009CD

Blue Magik Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Electrik Blue Magik Test vol 1 - Dance of the DeadBLRCD0012008CD

Blue Man Production  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverSchädelleuchten - SchädelleuchtenBLM24062004CD

Blue Moon Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverDogma - Land of UtopiaBMCD0011997CD
CoverMoon Tribe - Moon ChildBMCD0031998CD
CoverRa - To SiriusBMPHQCD0012000CD
CoverDimension 5 - Second PhazeBMPHQCD0022000CD
CoverHunab-Ku - Magik UniverseBMPHQCD0032000CD

Blue Room Released  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverKoxbox - StratosfearBR013CD1996CDS
CoverSpectral - Celtic AlchemyBR018CD1996CDS
CoverJuno Reactor - Conga FuryBR020CD1996CDS
CoverEtnica - PlasticBR027CD1997CDS
CoverSaafi Brothers - Internal Code ErrorBR045CD1997CDS
CoverJuno Reactor - PistoleroBR083CD1999CDS
CoverJuno Reactor - PistoleroBR084CD1999CDS
CoverTotal Eclipse - Space ClinicBR016CD1996CDS
CoverV.A - Outside The ReactorBR001CD1995CD
CoverTotal Eclipse - Delta AquaridsBR002CD1995CD
CoverThe Infinity Project - Mystical ExperiencesBR005CD1995CD
CoverJuno Reactor - Beyond The InfiniteBR009CD1996CD
CoverEtnica - Alien ProteinBR014CD1996CD
CoverTotal Eclipse - Violent RelaxationBR015CD1996CD
CoverV.A - Trip Through SoundBR021CD1996CD
CoverV.A - Made on EarthBR026CD1997CD
CoverCwithe - IllegalBR028CD1997CD
CoverSaafi Brothers - Mystic CigarettesBR032CD1997CD
CoverV.A - Signs of LifeBR036CD1997CD
CoverJuno Reactor - Bible of dreamsBR042CD1997CD
CoverAnesthesia - P.V.C.BR043CD1997CD
CoverSunkings - Soul SleepingBR044CD1997CD
CoverJohann - Blow Your MindBR050CD1998CD
CoverGalaxy - AngelBR051CD1998CD
CoverKoxbox - Dragon TalesBR058CD1997CD
CoverMetal Spark - CorrosiveBR065CD1998CD
CoverX-Dream - RadioBR066CD1998CD
CoverV.A - Trip Through Sound 2BR069CD1998CD
CoverAlien - The Pleasure Of LeisureBR070CD1998CD
CoverMontauk P - Def=LimBR073CD1998CD
CoverV.A - More Signs of LifeBR074CD1998CD
CoverV.A - FreekstyleBR076CD1999CD
CoverTotal Eclipse - Access DeniedBR077CD1999CD
CoverCydonia - In Fear of a Red PlanetBR079CD1999CD
CoverEternal Basement - MagnetBR082CD2000CD
CoverSaafi Brothers - Midnight's ChildrenBR087CD2000CD
CoverGalaxy - Solar SynthesisBR100CD2000CD
CoverAcid Rockers - MindsetBR102CD2000CD
CoverDeviant Electronics - Blunt InstrumentsBR104CD2000CD
CoverSpectral - DiffuseBR105CD2000CD

Blue Tunes Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Amarasya 2BTRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Tshitraka Project 3BTRCD0022006CD
Cover partialV.A - ReflectionBTRCD0032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Progressive MovementBTRCD0042006CD
Cover partialSymphonix - Music ProstituteBTRCD0052006CD
Cover partialV.A - Dirty DigitalBTRCD0062007CD
Cover partialV.A - Electro InsideBTRCD0072007CD
Cover partialHuman Traffic - AudiotuneBTRCD0082007CD
Cover partialV.A - Tshitraka Project 4BTRCD0092007CD
Cover partialV.A - Amarasya 3BTRCD0102007CD
Cover partialSymphonix - Music Prostitute The RemixesBTRCD0112007CD
Cover partialV.A - Reflection vol 2BTRCD0122007CD
Cover partialV.A - Drums And RosesBTRCD0132007CD
Cover partialV.A - Slow MotionBTRCD0142008CD
Cover partialV.A - Electro Inside vol 2BTRCD0152008CD
Cover partialV.A - Pressure PunksBTRCD0162008CD
Cover partialV.A - Progressive Movement 2BTRCD0172008CD
Cover partialV.A - Tshitraka Project 5BTRCD0182008CD
Cover partialV.A - Freak The TuneBTRCD0192008CD
Cover partialV.A - Relax ModeBTRCD0202008CD
Cover partialOdiseo - 10 Years AfterBTRCD0212008CD
Cover partialSymphonix - The Wild LifeBTRCD0222008CD
Cover partialV.A - TimetableBTRCD0232008CD
Cover partialV.A - SabotageBTRCD0242009CD
Cover partialV.A - Reflection vol 3BTRCD0252009CD
Cover partialV.A - La BoumBTRCD0262009CD
Cover partialV.A - Blue AddictionBTRCD0272009CD
Cover partialV.A - Freak The Tune vol 2BTRCD0282009CD

BMI Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Trance Mix 1BMI70011993CD
CoverV.A - Trance Mix 2BMI70021993CD
CoverV.A - Trance Mix 3BMI70031994CD
CoverV.A - Trance Mix 4BMI70041994CD
CoverV.A - Trance Mix 5BMI70051995CD

Boa Group Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialDino Psaras - Where Words Fail Music SpeaksBOAGROUP0012008CD
Cover partialKrome Angels - Modern Day ClassicsBOAGROUP0032009CD
Cover partialDidrapest - Point TherapyBOAGROUP0022009CD
Cover partialV.A - As Hard As It GetsBOAGROUP0052009CD

Bom Shanka Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - The SolutionBSMCD0012007CD
Cover partialPsymmetrix - Twin Headed MonsterBSMCD0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Space Pirates RevolutionBSMCD0032008CD
Cover partialV.A - The LaboratoryBSMCD0042008CD
Cover partialPsymmetrix - Psymmetrix And Other AnimalsBSMCD0052009CD

Bomm Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverM.A.N. - Know ThyselfMANA11996CD

Boom Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Sonic Boom!BOOMCD0011997CD
CoverUbar Tmar - FusionBOOMCD0021997CD
CoverBattle of the Future Buddhas - Twin SharkfinsBOOMCD0031998CD
CoverV.A - Psychoactive Scandosounds 1BOOMCD0041998CD
Cover partialV.A - Double DippedBOOMCD0051998CD
CoverCosmoon - FlammableBOOMCD0061998CD
CoverMind Warped - FluorolizardBOOMCD0071999CD
Cover partialQuadra - Digital StimulantBOOMCD0082000CD
Cover partialV.A - Psychoactive Scandosounds 2BOOMCD0092000CD
Cover partialV.A - Electric OhmsBOOMCD0102001CD
Cover partialCosmoon - Damnation GenerationBOOMCD0112001CD
CoverFractal Glider - ParasiteBOOMCD0122002CD
CoverV.A - Psychoactive Scandosounds 3BOOMCD0132002CD
CoverBattle of the Future Buddhas - DemonoizerBOOMCD0142002CD
CoverV.A - Ice-O-LatorBOOMCD0152003CD
CoverQuantum State - Subatomic TravellersBOOMCD0162003CD
CoverFractal Glider - Digital MandalaBOOMCD0172003CD
Cover partialRastaliens - Xplore The Wild SideBOOMCD0182003CD
Cover partialV.A - RehashedBOOMCD0192004CD
Cover partialPrinciples Of Flight - Night Time LullabiesBOOMCD0202006CD

Boshke Beats Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialMidi Miliz - The RemixesBBSCDS0012003CDS
CoverV.A - Chronika Chapter OneBBSCD0012002CD
CoverMidi Miliz - PassagesBBSCD0022002CD
CoverV.A - ClangourBBSCD0032003CD
CoverV.A - Chronika Chapter TwoBBSCD0042005CD
CoverMetalogic - Magnetic InfluenceBBSCD0052005CD
Cover partialFuzzion - Black MagicBBSCD0062006CD
CoverV.A - Chronika Chapter IIIBBSCD0072008CD

Boundless Music  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - UnlimitedBOUN0012008CD

BPF Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - JP NoirBPFCD0012004CD
Cover partialV.A - GearBPFCD0032006CD

BrainBusters Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Looney TunesBBCD0012007CD
Cover partialV.A - Goods CarrierBBCD0022008CD

BTM Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverBiot - The RemixesBTM7021998CDS
CoverV.A - The Boa Sound of ProKultBTM0011997CD
CoverV.A - Boa Trance 2BTM1021997CD
CoverRip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To DoBTM1031997CD
CoverBiot - SaturationBTM1041998CD
CoverBiot - Saturation BetaBTM1051999CD
CoverPsy Phy Six - MetaphysicalBTM1061999CD
Cover partialV.A - Boa Trance 3BTM1071999CD
CoverMoksha - Mindworx 97 99BTM1081999CD
CoverBiot - Synthetic OrganicBTM1092000CD
CoverDLS - AnNur AlHaqqBTM1102000CD
CoverB. Ashra - Live at U Site FusionBTM1112000CD
CoverD.I.M.O. - D.I.M.O.BTM1132000CD
CoverMoksha - NeuromystixBTM1142000CD
CoverV.A - PottHeadz - The 2nd PieceBTM203 CD

Butterfly Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverKemic-Al - Twisted ParametersBTFCD012005CD
Cover partialKemic-Al - The Dark JournalBTFCD022006CD

C.O.R.N. Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverEntheogenic - Spontaneous IlluminationCORNCD012003CD
Cover partialGabriel Le Mar - NightradioCORNCD022004CD
Cover partialBeese & Brtschitsch - In The Long RunCORNCD032006CD

Cabbaged Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverO.O.O.D. - A LiveCABBCD011996CD
CoverV.A - A Party is for Life, not just for ChristmasCABBCD021997CD

Caffix Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - DaydreamCARCD0012008CD
Cover partialKlacid - ElementsCARCD0042009CD

Cammo Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Sun Trip 1STCD11996CD

Candyflip Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverWizzy Noise - The Timeline RemixesCFRCD082004CDS
CoverDrone - DroneCFRCD032003CDS
CoverWizzy Noise - CyclotronCFRCD012002CD
CoverV.A - ETSICFRCD022002CD
CoverV.A - CandyCFRCD042003CD
CoverWizzy Noise - Elecktro TheaterCFRCD052003CD
CoverV.A - Mountain HighCFRCD062003CD
CoverPhacelift - Path Of PathosCFRCD072003CD
CoverNeo Logic - GroovelogicCFRCD092004CD
CoverCharasmatix - AbracadabraCFRCD102004CD
CoverHealer - Higher GroundsCFRCD112004CD
Cover12 Moons - Solid StateCFRCD122004CD
CoverKukan Dub Lagan - Life Is NiceCFRCD132004CD
CoverTegma - 002: Avant.GardeCFRCD142005CD
CoverV.A - LevitationCFRCD152005CD
Cover partialV.A - Mountain High 2CFRCD162005CD
Cover partialV.A - JoyrideCFRCD172006CD
Cover partialGio Red - Risk O ElectroCFRCD182006CD
Cover partialV.A - Joyride 2CFRCD192006CD
Cover partialIhor - Feelings For HealingCFRCD202007CD
Cover partialV.A - PozitivaCFRCD212007CD
Cover partialTrue Lies - Disco BillyCFRCD222007CD
Cover partialDirect Connection - Dub InfectionCFRCD242007CD
Cover partialV.A - 5 Years CandyflipCFRCD232008CD

Cannibal Syndrome Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Symphony Of SurgeryCSRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Cannibal CookbookCSRCD0022007CD

Catalyst Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - HypercoreCATCD0012006CD

Catawampus Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSkyhighatrist & Galactic Monkey - Strangely ObtuseWAMPCD0012009CD

Ceiba Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - The Language Of Light 1CR0011996CD
CoverV.A - The Language Of Light 2CR0031998CD
CoverV.A - Goa Gil, Ceiba, Kode IV - Live at Burning ManCR0041998CD
CoverV.A - MiditationCR0051999CD
CoverV.A - Burning Man 98 degrees under the SunCR0062000CD
CoverV.A - Trance Sonic Desert BeatsCR0072000CD
Cover partialV.A - The Language Of Light 3 - CaltransCR0082001CD
CoverShakatura - ShakaturaCR0092001CD
Cover partialV.A - Miditation 2CR0112003CD
Cover partialV.A - How Weird Street FaireCR0122003CD
Cover partialOcelot - Aural SectsCR0132003CD

Celestial Dragon  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSpies - Shape Your ShadeCDREC042006CDS
CoverAndrocell - EmotivisionCDREC012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Portal Of PerceptionsCDREC022005CD
Cover partialAndrocell - EfflorescenceCDREC032006CD
Cover partialSpies - SUVMI: Spies under Von Magnet InfluenceCDREC052006CD
CoverV.A - Nekton FallsCDREC062006CD
Cover partialV.A - Future Sound TheoryCDREC072006CD
Cover partialV.A - Intermittent MemoriesCDREC082007CD
Cover partialIndigo Egg - IxlandCDREC102008CD
Cover partialV.A - Future Sound Theory 2CDREC112008CD
Cover partialDistant System - Spiral EmpireCDREC122008CD
Cover partialRND - Ask The DustCDREC092008CD
Cover partialV.A - Brixton Session - Matt B + NovaCDREC142008CD
Cover partialV.A - Vampire SunriseCDREC132009CD
Cover partial(Val)Liam - DaydreamerCDREC152009CD
Cover partialPapa Legba - Dead AirCDREC162009CD

Celtic Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Celtic Records CompilationCELT01CD1996CD

Chaishop Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Trancers Guide To The Galaxy 2CR012006CD

Chakra Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - The Psychedelic Experience 1089-555521999CD
CoverV.A - The Psychedelic Experience 2089-555621999CD
V.A - The Psychedelic Experience 3089-555822002CD

Chakradelic Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Chakradelic010101-0012000CD
Cover partialV.A - Ecliptical Turnaments010101-0022001CD
CoverBeyond Third Spring - Oasis of memoriesCHA336976-22002CD
Cover partialTara In Project - Trance'n'tallicaCKD336976-32003CD

Changing World Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMedicine Drum - SupernatureCWRCD011997CD
Cover partialAnahata - Doors To AvalonCWRCD022000CD

Chaos Unlimited Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Zep TepiCUCD011998CD

Chemical Crew  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSkazi - Animal in StormCHCD0012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Zoo 3CHEM0022004CD
Cover partialVoid - PunishmentCHEM0032004CD
Cover partialExaile - Hit The MachineCHEM0042004CD
CoverChemical Crew - MafiaCHEM0052004CD
Cover partialDamage - God Help UsCHEM0062005CD
Cover partialTube - PersonalityCHEM0072005CD
Cover partialV.A - RaveolutionCHEM0082005CD
Cover partialV.A - Psychedelic HighCHEM0092005CD
Cover partialParanormal Attack - PhenomenonCHEM0112006CD
Cover partialV.A - Chemical PlaygroundCHEM0122006CD
Cover partialSkazi - Total AnarchyCHEM0132006CD
Cover partialStar-X - ExistenceCHEM0142006CD
CoverVoid - The Angry BrigadeCHEM0182006CD
Cover partialVoid - HeroCHEM0202006CD
Cover partialV.A - TurbulenceCHEM0212006CD
Cover partialV.A - Psychedelic High 2CHEM0222007CD
Cover partialV.A - Music With More MuscleCHEM0232007CD
Cover partialStar-X - We Come In BeatCHEM0242007CD
CoverRocky - A Thread Of LightCHEM0252007CD
Cover partialV.A - Prime CutsCHEM0262008CD

Chill Tribe Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Quality RelaxationCTRCD012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Relaxed JourneysCTRCD022006CD
Cover partialV.A - Ear PleasureCTRCD032007CD
Cover partialWombatmusic - Shameful SilenceCTRCD042007CD
Cover partialPolyploid - Grow Your OwnCTRCD052007CD
Cover partialIan Ion - Gringo LocomotionCTRCD062008CD
Cover partialSunkings - Before We DieCTRCD072009CD

Chillcode Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMatenda - Chilling MatendaCHILLCD0012004CD
CoverGalaxy - Science Of EcstasyCHILLCD0022004CD
CoverEntheogenic - Dialogue Of The SpeakersCHILLCD0032005CD
Cover partialHuman Blue - Diskovery ChannelCHILLCD0042005CD
Cover partialEntheogenic - Golden CapCHILLCD0052006CD
Cover partialV.A - Downbeat Liquid vol 1CHILLCD0062006CD
Cover partialV.A - Light AromasCHILLCD0072006CD
Cover partialV.A - Chiller vol 1CHILLCD0082007CD
Cover partialKuba - Through A LenseCHILLCD0092007CD
Cover partialKuba - How The Future SoundedCHILLCD0102008CD

Clima Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Green InstantCLIMCD0012004CD

Cocoon Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMinilogue - AnimalsCORCD0162008CD
Cover partialPig & Dan - ImagineCORCD0142008CD
Cover partialV.A - Cocoon Compilation HCORCD0172008CD

Cold Groove Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Cold CutsCGCD0012004CD
CoverV.A - ComplexityCGCD0022005CD

Columbia Music Entertainment  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - TranceprogressionCOCB-532092005CD

Com.Pact Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Fata Morgana2226-22002CD
Cover partialVisual Paradox - Kick The Habit2229-22002CD
Cover partialV.A - Cosmopolite - The second step2232-22002CD
CoverSesto Sento - The Inner Light2239-22002CD
CoverPerplex - Off Beat2245-22002CD
CoverV.A - Made To Measure2254-22003CD
CoverV.A - Think Sync2260-22003CD
Cover partialV.A - Air Gate - The Third Step2262-22003CD
Cover partialUltraVoice - Magic Sound Factory2267-22003CD
Cover partialStar-X - Prepare To Fly2282-22003CD
Cover partialV.A - The Natural Waves of Sound2286-22003CD
Cover partialSesto Sento - The Bright Side2291-22003CD
Cover partialVisual Paradox - All You Can Beat2295-22004CD
Cover partialV.A - Blue Leprechaun2298-22004CD
Cover partialBizzare Contact - Plastic Fantastic2304-22004CD
Cover partialV.A - Final FantasyCPCD0162004CD
Cover partialUltraVoice - Art Of VoiceCPCD0172004CD
Cover partialV.A - Afula OnCPCD0182004CD
Cover partialV.A - The Natural Waves of Sound 002CPCD0192004CD
Cover partialLish - Free FallCPCD0202005CD
Cover partialV.A - SpaceboardCPCD0212005CD
Cover partialCosmic Tone - Wake UpCPCD0222005CD
Cover partialV.A - High WayCPCD0232005CD
Cover partialSesto Sento - RemixerCPCD0242005CD
Cover partialV.A - Unwind - A Journey Into Global GroovesCPCD0252005CD
Cover partialVisual Contact - La La LandCPCD0262005CD
Cover partialV.A - Back To GalaxyCPCD0272005CD
Cover partialV.A - The Natural Waves of Sound 003CPCD0282006CD
Cover partialFerbi Boys - Twilight ZoneCPCD0292006CD
Cover partialTactic Mind - Top Of The HillCPCD0302006CD
Cover partialV.A - Anti PhaseCPCD0312006CD
Cover partialSesto Sento - Come TogetherCPCD0322006CD
Cover partialUltraVoice - The Star AllianceCPCD0332006CD
Cover partialCosmic Tone - SingularityCPCD0342006CD
Cover partialLish - Fresh Single Malt RemixesCPCD0352006CD
Cover partialV.A - Over BeatCPCD0362007CD
Cover partialV.A - In-Action - Remixed By Cosmic ToneCPCD0382007CD
Cover partialV.A - Unwind 2 - Global GroovesCPCD0372007CD
Cover partialUltraVoice - The Star Alliance vol 2CPCD0392008CD
Cover partialFerbi Boys - Dizzy FactoryCPCD0402008CD
Cover partialV.A - Afula On IICPCD0412008CD
Cover partialSesto Sento - Key To The UniverseCPCD0422008CD
Cover partialAquatica - Ocean Of EmotionCPCD0432008CD
Cover partialT.K.Y. - Above And BeyondCPCD0442009CD
Cover partialVibe Tribe - Destination UnknownCPCD0452009CD

Concept in Dance Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Digital AlchemyDICCD1231994CD
CoverV.A - Tribal ScienceDICCD1241995CD
CoverMan With No Name - Moment of TruthDICCD1251996CD

Connection Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Goa Inside 1CON9601CD1996CD
CoverV.A - Goa Inside 2 - Aja HuaskaCON9701CD1997CD
CoverV.A - Goa Inside 3CON9702CD1996CD

Cool Front Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverPossible Apple - Botanical ZooFRONT001CD2001CD

Copihue Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverYellow Magnetic Star - Mind Soul BodyCOP0012008CD

Cosm Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - CosmologyCOSM001CD2007CD
Cover partialV.A - GroovescapesCOSM002CD2008CD
Cover partialV.A - KaleidoskopolisCOSM003CD2009CD

Cosmic Conspiracy Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - EnginewittyCCR012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Contact LensCCR022005CD
Cover partialV.A - The LurkerCCR032006CD
Cover partialBufo - Bug EyesCCR042006CD
CoverV.A - The Plot ThickensCCR052007CD
Cover partialV.A - Tall Poppy SyndromeCCR062008CD

Cosmic Theatre Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Cosmic TheatreCTRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Dream TheatreCTRCD0022007CD
Cover partialDreadlock Tales - SynchroniCityCTRCD0032007CD

Cosmicleaf Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Chill On IceCLCD012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Fragile LifeCLCD022005CD
CoverV.A - Nova NaturaCLCD032005CD
CoverSide Liner - Emotional DivingCLCD042006CD
Cover partialZero Cult - Art of HarmonyCLCD052006CD
Cover partialV.A - Chill On Ice - Second EditionCLCD01SE2006CD
Cover partialV.A - Nova Natura 2CLCD062006CD
Cover partialD.Batistatos - ArchitectCLCD072006CD
Cover partialSide Liner - Once Upon A TimeCLCD082007CD
Cover partialV.A - Nova Natura 3CLCD092007CD
Cover partialZero Cult - IkebanaCLCD102007CD
Cover partialSide Liner - My Guardian AngelCLCD112008CD
Cover partialKick Bong - Flower PowerCLCD122008CD
Cover partialWill-O-The-Wisp - Long Sleep PlainCLCD132008CD
Cover partialSide Liner - Crying CitiesCLCD142009CD
Cover partialD. Batistatos - Weeper On The ShoreCLCD152009CD
Cover partialZero Cult - Dreams In StereoCLCD162009CD

Cosmogenesis Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - One hundred Full MoonsCOSGENCD012006CD

CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
V.A - Cosmophilia 1COSMOCD012003CD
Cover partialV.A - Cosmophilia 2COSMOCD022003CD
Cover partialV.A - Cosmophilia 3COSMOCD032005CD

Creamcrop Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialGenetic Spin - LowriderCCCDM012002CDS
CoverOrichalcum - LiveCCCD011999CD
CoverV.A - Liquid LevelsCCCD022000CD
CoverProcess - One Drop or Two?CCCD032000CD
CoverV.A - Folded ViewCCCD042001CD
CoverV.A - The Next LevelsCCCD052001CD
CoverAlienated - FFCCCD062002CD
CoverV.A - A Deeper ViewCCCD072002CD
CoverIgneous Sauria - EncepfalophagusCCCD082003CD
CoverGenetic Spin - On / OffCCCD092003CD

Creative Space Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverRip'n'eiji - Tengu MoonCSPACE0012004CD
CoverThe Nam Shub Of Enki & Kiki Ill - In The Valley Of MoodCSPACE0022004CD
Cover partialMetropol - Geometrias de SilencioCSPACE0032006CD
Cover partialOllie Olsen - I am The ServerCSPACE0042006CD

Creative Vibes  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialPsyburbia - Groove InvadersCVCD282001CD

Creon Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialGen.6 - GenesisCREONCDA012002CD
CoverLucy in Space with Diamonds - Emerald CityCREONCDA022003CD
Cover partialTellus 2 - AddictionCREONCDA032003CD
Cover partialV.A - The Search For YouCREONCDA042004CD
Cover partialTellus 2 - DikotomCREONCDA052005CD

Cronomi Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Freshly Cut TomatoCRONOMI0012008CD
Cover partialV.A - People Walk FunnyCRONOMI0022009CD

Cross Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverJaia - Blue Energy506591998CD

Crotus Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialKrumelur - Minimal AnimalCROTUSCD012002CD
Cover partialV.A - Plan, Plant, PlanetCROTUSCD022004CD
CoverV.A - Soundscapes Part 1CROTUSCD032004CD
Cover partialNavajo - Something That Came BackCROTUSCD042005CD
Cover partialMeller - SpacewalkCROTUSCD092009CD

Cruise Control Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Set The CruiseCCR0012008CD

Cryptek Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Tales From The CryptCRYPCD0012009CD

Crystal Matrix  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Awakening SoulCMCD012003CD
CoverParasense - Past Present FutureCMCD022003CD
CoverSuria - Logical EvolutionCMCD032004CD
CoverV.A - UtopiaCMCD042004CD
CoverV.A - LifeCMCD052004CD
CoverV.A - Hi-Tech PleasuresCMCD062004CD
CoverSeroxat - Brutal BeatsCMCD072004CD
CoverV.A - Freedom FightersCMCD082004CD
CoverV.A - Utopia 2 - The Promise LandCMCD092005CD
CoverShift - ExcessionsCMCD102005CD
Cover partialV.A - The Crystal BlastersCMCD112005CD
Cover partialV.A - Hi-Tech Pleasures Level 2CMCD122006CD
Cover partialShift - Byte MeCMCD132006CD

Crystal Vision Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - CrystalisCVRCD0012007CD

CTM Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - SolipseCTM2011999CD
CoverV.A - ProovedCTM2072002CD

Cyan Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverGus Till - Dub ShadowsCY-0012004CD
Cover partialOrnament - BleuCY-0022004CD

Cyber Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Goa Spirit 173025031996CD
Cover partialV.A - Goa Spirit 230213221997CD
Cover partialV.A - Goa Spirit 330371621998CD

CyberOctave Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverShakatura - GalactivationCOCD20272003CD
Cover partialMedicine Drum - Original FaceCOCD422372002CD
Cover partialMedicine Drum - Talking StickCOCD480921999CD

D-A-R-K Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Twisted FlavorsDARKCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Screams Of NatureDARKCD0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Ra-Con-TeurDARKCD0032008CD
Cover partialDark Summer - The Tale Of A Broken Switch And The LizardDARKCD0042009CD

Daam Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAMK - On the wayCDDA0032008CD
Cover partialAMK - Delight EventCDDA0012008CD

Dacru Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - OrientationDCRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Orientation 2DCRCD0022006CD
CoverV.A - Orientation 3DCRCD0032007CD
CoverV.A - AhimsaDCRCD0042008CD
CoverDigicult - Out Of This WorldDCRCD0052008CD
Cover partialEphedrix - Far AwayDCRCD0062008CD
CoverV.A - Orientation 4DCRCD0072008CD
CoverSufi - Timewave ZeroDCRCD0082008CD
CoverAquila (2) - Gain ControlDCRCD0092009CD
CoverV.A - Orientation 5DCRCD0102009CD

DadA Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSattyananda - Internal ActivitiesDA600012006CD
Cover partialKalyug - Digital ChamatkarDA700012007CD
Cover partialJalebee Cartel - One Point NothingDA700072009CD

Dada Stream  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialScozbor - Mountain LordDADA01CD2004CD
Cover partialOdd Harmonic - S.S Porta-AmbienceDADA02CD2006CD

Dakini Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMakyo - ShringaraDAKCD98011998CD
Cover partialMakyo - VismayaDAKCD99021999CD
Padmasana - PadmasanaDAKCD99031999CD
Cover partialOchi Brothers - Ochi BrothersDAKCD99041999CD
CoverV.A - Sky Dancing - Nada Masala 1DAKCD20052000CD
Padmasana - A Universal ConciousnessDAKCD20062000CD
CoverMakyo - YakshiniDAKCD21072001CD
CoverV.A - Sky Dancing - Nada Masala 2DAKCD21082001CD
Cover partialIshq - OrchidDAKCD21092002CD
Toires - Oued and SanatiDAKCD21102002CD
Cover partialJairamji - Kindred SpiritsDAKCD21112003CD
CoverV.A - Sky Dancing - Nada Masala 3DAKCD21122003CD
Cover partialV.A - Live At Dakini NightsDAKCD21132004CD
Cover partialAdham Shaikh - FusionDAKCD21142004CD
Cover partialPuff Dragon - SazanamiDAKCD21152005CD
CoverMakyo - Swara MandalaDAKCD21162005CD
Cover partialV.A - Tribal MatrixDAKCD21172006CD
Cover partialLumin - KetriDAKCD21182007CD
Cover partialV.A - Tribal Matrix 2DAK21192009CD

Dance n Dust Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Israeli Pitch ProcessDNDCD012002CD
Cover partialV.A - PrograssiveDNDCD022003CD
CoverV.A - Dusty Nation Part OneDNDCD032004CD
Cover partialV.A - Dusty Nation Part TwoDNDCD042004CD
Cover partialV.A - Double DDNDCD052005CD
Cover partialDecoy - Not Responding To LightDNDCD062006CD
Cover partialV.A - Dusty Nation Part ThreeDNDCD072006CD
Cover partialEl Zisco - Behind The MirageDNDCD082006CD
Cover partialDecoy - Push Button PonyDNDCD092007CD
Cover partialFlame On Fire - Mission EmotionDNDCD102008CD

DanceBeat Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Imago - The Spirit DanceDBCDA2021997CD

Dark Life Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Theory Of MadnessDLRSCD0012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Earth MutationsDLRSCD0022006CD

Dark Prisma Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialFrantic Noise - The Nordland OrchestraDPR0012006CD
Cover partialHeterogenesis - Revoluciones MaquinicasDPR0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - The Void - DisintegrationDPR0032008CD

DAT Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverCrop Circles - TetrahedronDATCD0012008CD
Cover partialBlue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint For SurvivalDATCD0022009CD

Databass Music Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Winter SessionDTBCD012001CD
CoverYumade - KlanguageDTBCD022002CD
CoverV.A - DTB Session 2.2DTBCD032003CD

Dead Tree Productions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - The Black SunDTP0012007CD
Cover partialBash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Extreme DeformitiesDTP0032008CD

Deeplay Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverJ.Viewz - Muse BreaksDPLAYCD52005CD

Deja Vu Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - ZenDJVCD0012003CD
CoverG-Light - Final ElementDJVCD0022003CD
CoverV.A - Zen 2DJVCD0032004CD
CoverV.A - JokerDJVCD0042004CD
CoverSuria - Dark Side of the SunDJVCD0052004CD
CoverV.A - I'm A ProgramDJVCD0062004CD
CoverManifold - X-Ray AttractionDJVCD0082005CD
CoverMungusid - Dragons MasterDJVCD0092005CD
CoverV.A - Masters Of The KeysDJVCD0102005CD
CoverCPC - Uber Den AngstDJVCD0112005CD
CoverPizz Dozz - Another Side Of The HysteriaDJVCD0122005CD
CoverDarkpsy - FearDJVCD0132005CD
CoverDominator - Paranormal ConnectionDJVCD0142005CD
CoverV.A - Arc De TriumphDJVCD0152005CD
CoverV.A - Kill Fucking BillDJVCD0162005CD
CoverTerminator - Spirits Of The PlantsDJVCD0182005CD
CoverV.A - Joker's NecropolisDJVCD0192005CD
CoverV.A - Gnothi SeautonDJVCD0202005CD
Cover partialZolod & Friends - FabriqueDJVCD0222006CD

Demon Tea Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverOctogroover - Voyaging to the LightDMTCD011997CD
CoverV.A - Oozie Goodness - The Eye Opening ElixirDMTCD021999CD
CoverMantaray - Numinous IslandDMTCD031999CD
CoverExotic Matter - Astral AttacheDMTCD041999CD
CoverOdd Harmonic - CoincidentalismDMTCD052000CD
CoverPeLinPala - My CD has landed on the next door neighbours dogDMTCD062000CD
CoverV.A - Not My Cup of Tea..DMTCD072001CD
CoverJames Reipas - This is Not in FashionDMTCD082001CD
Cover partialThe Nam Shub Of Enki - Fuck PieceDMTCD092001CD
Cover partialLoopus In Fabula - Loopus In FabulaDMTCD102002CD
Cover partialWeird Alchemy - Wired AlchemyDMTCD112002CD
CoverBenza - BenzaDMTCD122003CD
Cover partialTea Chairz - Tea ChairsDMTCD13.14.152007CD
Cover partialM.E.E.O. - Highlight Me PleaseDMTCD162008CD
Cover partialOrbit Constructions - AndronedaDMTCD172008CD
Cover partialSquazoid - FantasiaDMTCD182008CD
Cover partialPsilodump - The Nya AlbumetDMTCD192009CD

Devic Craft Cordings  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - ClairaudienceDCC0012002CD
CoverSpyweirdos - FairytaleDCC0022003CD
CoverScozbor - ScozborDCC0072003CD

Devil's Mind Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSilent Horror - Patterns EPDVSMCDS0012009CDS
Cover partialV.A - RefusedDVSMCD0012005CD
CoverV.A - DurdomDVSMCD0022006CD
Cover partialSilent Horror - NemesisDVSMCD0032007CD
Cover partialV.A - Wasted BrigadeDVSMCD0042009CD
Cover partialBattle Of The Future Buddhas & Ka-Sol - Masters Of OuthouseDVSMCD0052010CD
Cover partialKiriyama - Reach Escape VelocityDVSMCD0062010CD

Dharma Kshetra  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - NyktoDKCD0012006CD

Dharmaharmony Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Lotus SeedDHCD0012008CD
Cover partialDragon - In.FormationDHCD0022009CD

DigIboga Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Cross LinkDIGIBOCD012002CD

Digital Distortion Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Staring At The SunDDR0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Work It OutDDR0022006CD
Cover partialV.A - Adventures On The DancefloorDDR0032008CD

Digital Drugs Coalition  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialImix - MindWavesDIGICD0042008CD
Cover partialFaxi Nadu - Modern KnightDIGICD0052008CD
Cover partialFrost Raven - Star MuseDIGICD0112008CD
Cover partialKalilaskov AS - Killas 2008DIGICD0062009CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Drugs 4 - Robot RevolutionDIGICD0082009CD
Cover partialMicro Scan - Angels And DemonsDIGICD0072009CD
Cover partialParaforce - AssassinsDIGICD0102009CD
Cover partialSkyloops - InsaneDIGICD0122009CD
Cover partialTripy - Shamanik ConceptDIGICD0142009CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Drugs 5 - Mental MatrixDIGICD0152009CD
Cover partialV.A - Meteor Swarm - Compiled By Meteor BurnDIGICD0172009CD
Cover partialVirtual Light - Livewire VoodooDIGICD0132009CD
Cover partialPsychoz - Morning GloryDIGICD0092009CD

Digital Oracle Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Digital OracleDOCD0012005CD
Cover partialV.A - RevelationsDOCD0022005CD
Cover partialV.A - HighwayDOCD0032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Beat DelightDOCD0042006CD
Cover partialV.A - Life StreamDOCD0052006CD

Digital Psionics  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Psionic SoundsDPSICD011999CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic MedicineDPSICD022001CD
CoverV.A - Psionic TonicDPSICD032001CD
CoverKluster - Bug FixDPSICD042002CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic RealmsDPSICD052002CD
CoverDark Nebula - The 8th SphereDPSICD062003CD
CoverScatterbrain - Infernal AngelDPSICD072003CD
CoverV.A - Psionic EarthDPSICD082004CD
CoverXatrik - Project ADPSICD092004CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic StormDPSICD102004CD
Cover partialDark Nebula - Robotic TongueDPSICD112004CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic CircusDPSICD122005CD
CoverBon - Underground ResistanceDPSICD132005CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic TalesDPSICD142005CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic DistortionDPSICD152006CD
Cover partialDark Nebula - Dream FuelDPSICD162006CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic ReligionDPSICD172006CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic TempleDPSICD182006CD
Cover partialXatrik - Inside InformationDPSICD192007CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic SubstanceDPSICD202007CD
Cover partialElectrypnose - Where Do We Go?DPSICD212007CD
Cover partialDark Nebula - Sacred ScarsDPSICD222007CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic Tales Chapter 2DPSICD232007CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic GrooveDPSICD242007CD
Cover partialPsywalker - Inverted VertigoDPSICD252008CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic EntityDPSICD262008CD
Cover partialKluster - Missing LinkDPSICD272008CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic MooveDPSICD282008CD
Cover partialElectrypnose - Funked UpDPSICD292008CD
Cover partialDark Nebula - Weird Sound GeneratorDPSICD302008CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic RiotDPSICD312009CD
Cover partialGeko - Poison FlowersDPSICD322009CD
Cover partialV.A - Psionic ForceDPSICD332009CD

Digital Reality Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSafi Connection - Spam FilterDRRCD0012008CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Pride - Compiled By MechanixDRRCD0022009CD

Digital Samsara  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialDigital Samsara - Blue BeryllDIACD0012006CD
Cover partialDigital Samsara - CeasefireDIACD0042008CD

Digital Structures Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverSon Kite - Aiwana RemixesDIGCDS012002CDS
CoverTicon - RemixesDIGCDS022002CDS
CoverSon Kite - On Air RemixesDIGCDS032004CDS
CoverSon Kite - Colours RemixesDIGCDS042004CDS
Cover partialVibrasphere - LandmarkDIGCDS052006CDS
CoverV.A - Pieces IncreaseDIGCD0012000CD
CoverTicon - RewindDIGCD0022001CD
CoverSon Kite - Perspectives of...DIGCD0032001CD
CoverV.A - Chillosophy 001DIGCD0042001CD
CoverV.A - FootprintsDIGCD0052001CD
CoverV.A - Chillosophy 002DIGCD0062002CD
CoverV.A - Digital DJ: Mixed By Marcus Of Son KiteDIGCD0072002CD
CoverTegma - Encoded/DecodedDIGCD0082002CD
CoverV.A - Digital EmissionDIGCD0092002CD
CoverVibrasphere - Lime StructureDIGCD0102003CD
CoverV.A - Chillosophy 003DIGCD0112003CD
CoverTicon - AeroDIGCD0122003CD
CoverBigwigs - Fraktalik FraternitiDIGCD0132003CD
CoverEtnoscope - Drums From The Dawn Of TimeDIGCD0142003CD
CoverSon Kite - ColoursDIGCD0152004CD
CoverJaia - FictionDIGCD0162005CD
Cover partialTicon - Zero Six AfterDIGCD0172005CD
CoverVibrasphere - ArchipelagoDIGCD0182006CD
Cover partialVibrasphere - Archipelago RemixedDIGCD0192007CD
Cover partialTicon - 2 amDIGCD0202008CD

Digital Underground Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Shiva Space Technology Israel 2DUCD20011998CD
Cover partialHoly Men - C4DUCD20021999CD
V.A - Burnt OutDUCD20041999CD
Cover partialV.A - Shiva Space Technology Israel 3DUCD20051999CD
V.A - Zillion Mental Anarchie - Goa Trance R.I.P.DUCD20061999CD
Cherouvim - Global TouchDUCD20071999CD
Cover partialV.A - Uplifting SunDUCD20162002CD

CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Plastic Dinosaur - Pre HistoryDP0012003CD
V.A - Children Of Low resolutionDP0022003CD

Discobole Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cyan - Medieval TalesDR1002-81998CDS
CoverCyan - Medieval Tales IIDR1003-82000CDS
CoverV.A - Trance Experience 1DR0011996CD
CoverV.A - Trance Experience 2 - The Second ComingDR0021997CD
Cover partialV.A - House Experience 1DR0041997CD
CoverV.A - Trance Experience 3DR0051997CD
Cover partialV.A - House ElementsDR0061997CD
CoverV.A - Transistance 1DR0071997CD
Cover partialV.A - House Experience 2DR0081998CD
CoverCyan - Beast from the EastDR0091998CD
CoverV.A - Trance Experience 4DR0101998CD
CoverV.A - Transistance 2DR0111998CD
Cover partialV.A - House Experience 3DR0121999CD
Cover partialCyan - BraindanceDR0131999CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 3DR0141999CD
V.A - Melodic Morning 1DR0152000CD
V.A - Transistance 4DR0162000CD
CoverDarma vs Star Children (2) - Trance WarsDR0172000CD
V.A - House Experience 4DR0182000CD
V.A - Melodic Morning 2DR0192001CD
CoverDarma vs Demendia - Trance Wars 3DR0292002CD
CoverCyan - TransmissionDR0202001CD
V.A - Transistance 5DR0222001CD
Cover partialV.A - Melodic Morning 3DR0232001CD
Cover partialV.A - Melodic Morning 4DR0262002CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 6DR0252002CD
CoverV.A - FrequenciesDR0282003CD
Cover partialV.A - Melodic Morning 5DR0312003CD
CoverV.A - Transistance 9DR0322003CD
Cover partialV.A - Uplifting Experience 1DR0332004CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 10 - Defenders Of FaithDR0342004CD
Cover partialV.A - Uplifting Experience 2DR0352004CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 11DR0362005CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 12DR0372006CD
Cover partialV.A - Transistance 7DR0272002CD

Discovalley Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - NocturneDVRCD0012003CD
CoverV.A - Acid MutantsDVRCD0022004CD
CoverV.A - Psycho CellDVRCD0032004CD
Cover partialV.A - Hasta Las PatillasDVRCD0042005CD
Cover partialV.A - The Dark Side of GoaDVRCD0052006CD
Cover partialV.A - Chaporas Tribal DanceDVRCD0062006CD
Cover partialV.A - 1001 NightsDVRCD0072007CD
Cover partialV.A - TritonDVRCD0082008CD

Discovery Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Shiva Space Technology IsraelDIS01CD1998CD

Distance Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Distance to Goa 1Di01521995CD
CoverV.A - Distance to Goa 2Di01721995CD
CoverV.A - The Boyd in the VoidDi03921995CD
CoverV.A - Questionmark Anthology 1, AnalogiqueDi09421998CD
Cover partialV.A - Distance to Goa 7Di11021998CD
Cover partialV.A - Distance to Goa 8Di17022000CD
CoverV.A - Distance to Goa 9Di19922000CD
Cover partialV.A - Distance to Goa 10Di21522001CD

Divine Balance Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Return Of The Boom Shanti - Trinity Series 1DBRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Yang Da Yin - Trinity Series 2DBRCD0022007CD
Cover partialLauge - SundaysDBRCD0042008CD

Divine Records   
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Tranced Out 777Divine071995CD
CoverV.A - Tranced Out 888Divine181996CD
CoverDivine Soma Experience - Welcome To The Land Of DragonsDivine011994CD

Domo Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - TravelocityDOMOCD0012002CD
CoverV.A - Proper BlendingDOMOCD0022003CD
CoverV.A - The Swiss ConnectionDOMOCD0032004CD
CoverDJ Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Electric TandemDOMOCD0042004CD
CoverSensifeel - Vision Of LifeDOMOCD0052004CD
CoverV.A - PosseDOMOCD0062005CD
Cover partialInsane Creation - ConnectedDOMOCD0072005CD
Cover partialV.A - G-SpotDOMOCD0082006CD

Doof Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverBonky - BonkyDOOFCD012002CD
CoverV.A - Acid TestDOOFCD022002CD
CoverV.A - TriundDOOFCD032002CD
CoverKopsses - KopssesDOOFCD042002CD
CoverJocid - JocidDOOFCD052002CD
CoverBonky - Bonky 2DOOFCD062003CD
CoverV.A - SwampDOOFCD072003CD
CoverZirkin - Dance ShowDOOFCD082003CD
CoverV.A - JamDOOFCD092003CD
CoverMechanix - Illegal DanceDOOFCD102003CD
CoverBlanka - InfinityDOOFCD112003CD
CoverV.A - Electric Shock Treatment First SessionDOOFCD122004CD
CoverV.A - Electric Shock Treatment Second SessionDOOFCD132004CD
CoverEntropy - The Second Law Of ThermodynamicsDOOFCD142004CD
CoverV.A - ForestDOOFCD152004CD
CoverV.A - BoooDOOFCD162005CD
CoverRev - InvertedDOOFCD172005CD
CoverV.A - Mind GamesDOOFCD182005CD
Cover partialDouble R.E.L - Cereal KillerzDOOFCD192005CD
Cover partialV.A - Play WayDOOFCD202006CD
Cover partialCCL - Unleash The BeastDOOFCD212006CD
Cover partialEntropy - Purple PeopleDOOFCD222006CD
Cover partialZirkin - Dance Show 3DOOFCD232006CD
Cover partialTerranoise - Terrano VibrationsDOOFCD242006CD
Cover partialV.A - ScratchDOOFCD252006CD
Cover partialCactus - Extremely CarefulDOOFCD262007CD
Cover partialV.A - Phunk CoreDOOFCD272007CD
Cover partialV.A - Left Speaker DancerDOOFCD282007CD
Cover partialOrca - Fist Of FuryDOOFCD292008CD
Cover partialV.A - Double HelixDOOFCD312008CD
Cover partialEntropy - Think Slow Move FastDOOFCD322009CD
Cover partialRev - AmusiaDOOFCD332009CD

Dooflex  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Point Of ViewDFXCD012005CD
CoverBlanka - SatisfactionDFXCD022005CD
CoverV.A - Enemies & AlliesDFXCD032005CD
Cover partialU-Recken - Aquatic SerenadeDFXCD042006CD
Cover partialV.A - Soul AnatomyDFXCD052007CD
Cover partialU-Recken - Deeper Into ManDFXCD062008CD
Cover partialNitro - Rainforest CultureDFXCD072008CD
Cover partialDouble R.E.L - U Name ItDOOFCD302008CD

Dope Media  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Survival of the Trippest 2DMCD01 1997CD

Dope Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Pro CannabisDOCD011994CD
CoverV.A - Pro Cannabis 2DRCD041996CD
CoverV.A - Pro Cannabis 3DRCD051997CD

Dragonfly Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverHallucinogen - Space PussyBFLD371996CDS
Man With No Name - Lunar CycleBFLD321995CDS
CoverV.A - Dragonfly Project II TranceBFLCD041993CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 1BFLCD131994CD
CoverV.A - A Voyage Into Trance mixed by Paul OakenfoldBFLCD141995CD
CoverHallucinogen - TwistedBFLCD151995CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 2BFLCD181996CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 3BFLCD191996CD
CoverV.A - A Voyage Into Trance mixed by Danny RamplingBFLCD201996CD
Cover partialUX - Ultimate ExperienceBFLCD221997CD
CoverShakta - Silicon TripBFLCD231997CD
CoverPleiadians - Identified Flying ObjectBFLCD241997CD
Cover partialZodiac Youth - Devil's CircusBFLCD251997CD
CoverOforia - DeliriousBFLCD261998CD
CoverV.A - Dragonfly ClassixBFLCD281998CD
Cover partialGenetic - We AreBFLCD301998CD
CoverKilling Joke - War Dance RemixesBFLCD321998CD
CoverPleiadians - Family of LightBFLCD341999CD
Cover partialShakta - The Enlightened ApeBFLCD351999CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 4BFLCD372000CD
CoverGenetic - Motion PictureBFLCD392000CD
CoverMan With No Name - TeleportationBFLCD412000CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 5BFLCD432000CD
CoverV.A - Dragonfly Classix 2BFLCD442001CD
CoverV.A - Kamaflage 1BFLCD452001CD
CoverShakta - Out of SightBFLCD462001CD
CoverV.A - Order Odonata 6BFLCD482001CD
CoverV.A - Kamaflage 2BFLCD522001CD
CoverZen Lemonade - Lemon SoulBFLCD532002CD
CoverV.A - A Better Life Through ChemistryBFLCD542002CD
CoverV.A - Touchin' BassBFLCD572002CD
CoverGreen Oms - Coming Through In WavesBFLCD602002CD
CoverAphid Moon - High DiverBFLCD622003CD
CoverMan With No Name - Interstate HighwayBFLCD632003CD
CoverV.A - TherapyBFLCD652003CD
CoverV.A - Kamaflage 3BFLCD662003CD
CoverV.A - Absolute ThresholdBFLCD682003CD
CoverV.A - Beaches And CreamBFLCD692004CD
CoverShakta - Feed The FlameBFLCD712004CD
CoverVatos Locos - Attack And ReleaseBFLCD752004CD
CoverV.A - WingmakersBFLCD762004CD
Cover partialThe Orb - The DreamBFLCD842008CD

Dream Vision Media  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialChromosome - DMT CowboysDVMCD0012008CD

Drive Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialLoud - Some Kind Of CreativityDRIVECD0012006CD
Cover partialD-Clock - D-ClockDRIVECD0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Private LessonDRIVECD0032007CD
Cover partialLoud - AbstractDRIVECD0042008CD
Cover partialAzax Syndrom vs Bliss - Round 1DRIVECD0052009CD

Dropout Productions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Alien FMDPCD1002005CD
CoverOcelot - Vector SelectorDPCD1012005CD
Cover partialV.A - Chew On ThisDPCD1042006CD
Cover partialV.A - Project EleusisDPCD1052006CD
Cover partialV.A - SpacediversDPCD1062006CD
Cover partialOcelot - PsymatixDPCD1072007CD
Cover partialV.A - Alien FM 2 - Illegal AliensDPCD1082007CD

Drugless  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Loud Frequency2501-22004CD
Cover partialX-Wave - Direct-X2502-22005CD

Dubmission Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
V.A - Mashing Up CreationDUBMCD0011997CD
Cover partialV.A - More Bass than SpaceDUBMCD0032000CD
Cover partialPitch Black - Ape To AngelDUBMCD0042005CD
Cover partialWarp Technique - Make Animals HappyDUBMCD0112008CD
Cover partialPitch Black - Rhythm, Sound & MovementDUBMCD0132009CD
Cover partialThird Ear Audio - Third Ear AudioDUBMCD0142009CD

Dutch Flowers Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - GerminationDFRCD0012007CD

E-French Sound Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverAsura - Lost Eden1751522003CD

E-Watt Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialToi Doi - SustentatorEWR0012003CD
Cover partialToi Doi - Psyring TestEWR0022005CD

Ear Peaks Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - KwarupEPEAKSCD0012006CD
Cover partialTriac - Mean BetweenEPEAKSCD0022006CD
Cover partialV-Tunes - VariableEPEAKSCD0032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Southern OscillationEPEAKSCD0042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Antiworld Festival - The Progressive StageEPEAKSCD0052007CD
Cover partialV.A - Stepping ForwardEPEAKSCD0062007CD
Cover partialInsane Creation - FilestyleEPEAKSCD0072007CD

EastWest Japan  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Aurora PsychedelikaAMCM-42821997CD
CoverV.A - Infinity Hz 2AMCM-43191997CD

EastWest Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMasa - Night Air0630-14667-21996CDS
CoverMasa - Just Inside0630-14410-21996CD

Echoes Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Think DifferentECHO0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Stereo SlaveECHO0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Kinky BeatsECHO0032008CD
Cover partialLa Baaz - ClubrauschECHO0042008CD
Cover partialV.A - Traffic - Compiled By KhainzECHO0052008CD
Cover partialV.A - ChacrunaECHO0072008CD
Cover partialV.A - BorderlineECHO0062009CD
Cover partialKhainz - Modul8ECHO0082009CD

Edgecore Releases  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverA.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion - Lucid DreamingECCD0011997CD
CoverV.A - Free AsECCD0021998CD
CoverV.A - Edges R FunECCD0031999CD
Junkbeats - UnionECCD0042000CD
CoverV.A - Electric Byron BayECCD0052001CD

Edition Popfloor  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAkanoid - Instant Summer40191097070752004CD

Ektoplazm  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialEkoplex - Enter The Dragon EPEKTEP01CD2008CDS
Cover partialSoul Kontakt - Deliverance EPEKTEP02CD2008CDS
Cover partialAnakoluth - Dwelling In The Void EPEKTEP03CD2008CDS
Cover partialMagic and Witchcraft - Misty Shades EPEKTEP04CD2008CDS
Cover partialEkoplex - Journey Of The TurtleEKTLP01CD2008CD
Cover partialXamanist - InitiationEKTLP02CD2009CD
Cover partialDisco Hooligans - Clear SkiesEKTLP03CD2009CD
Cover partialV.A - Organic CircuitryEKTVA01CD2008CD

Electribe Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialD-Nox & Beckers - Left BehindELECTCD0022007CD

Electric Forest Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
MK-Ultra - Electric ForestEFCD0012001CD
Cover partialMK-Ultra - TranspersonalEFCD0022005CD

Electric Melt  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Juno Reactor - ShangoELM8033CD2000CD

Electric Monkeys Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMiraculis - The Butterflies ScreamEMCD012001CD

Electric Power Pole Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Location: 2 Hours From SydneyEPPR0052004CD
CoverV.A - The Martin Fitzgerald FileEPPR0062005CD
Cover partialV.A - BlackoutEPPR0072006CD
Cover partialThird Drop Reflection - RealizationEPPR0082008CD
Cover partialV.A - Borrowed TimeEPPR0092009CD
Cover partialHedonix - Order Out Of ChaosEPP0112009CD

Electric Universe  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverElectric Universe - Silence In ActionEUCD0012006CD
Cover partialElectric Universe feat. Chico - BurningEUCD0022008CD
Cover partialElectric Universe - Sonic EcstasyEUCD0032008CD

Electrik Dream  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Cosmik Chill - RedED0012006CD
Cover partialMaster Margherita - MasturaED0022007CD
Cover partialTajmahal - Star CircusED0032007CD
Cover partialV.A - Cosmik Chill - OrangeED0042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Electro TherapyED0052007CD
Cover partialKliment - The Perpetual RitualED0062009CD

Electrode Music  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialDigital Loop - Celestial TransistorsEMUSCD0012009CD

Electronic Dope Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverPsyknights - A Faint Light From The DepthEDRCD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - E-Dentifications v1EDRCD0022008CD
Cover partialV.A - Down And DirtyEDRCD0032009CD

Electronic Soundscapes  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Polymorphic ConvolutionsELSCD0012006CD
Cover partialZen Lemonade - BabylondonELSCD0022009CD

Electroslide Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverElectroslide - Everything is Connected to Nothing but ItselfESCD0012001CD

Elejam Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
V.A - E-Jam CD001EJAM0012001CD
V.A - SolsticeEJAM0022002CD
Cover partialV.A - Sound of the SunEJAM0032002CD
Cover partialV.A - IconicEJAM0042004CD
Cover partialDomino - Stardrops Over The OceanEJAM0052004CD

Elektrik Dragon  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialIndepth - Disappear HereELEKD012007CD
Cover partialGrievous Angel - Belief Is The EnemyELEKD022008CD

Elektrik Orgasm Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverNervasystem & Aether - The Mama Matrix Most MysteriousEOCD11999CD
Cover partialV.A - PsufiEOCD22002CD
CoverV.A - Electric Orgasm 10 Year GrokEOCD32003CD
CoverManMadeMan - Creation MythEOCD42004CD

Element Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Final DestinationELEMCD0012002CD
CoverV.A - 1st Element - WasabiELEMCD0022002CD
CoverLiquid Green Dogs - ColorsELEMCD0032003CD

Elestial Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialDymons - Druids BrewER0012007CD
Cover partialCosmosophy - Organic Space AgeER0022009CD

Elf Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverPhi - PhinalizerHYCA50012004CD
V.A - Loops On MroovesELFCD-0052002CD
Cover partialV.A - After 10 Years Of Japanese TranceELFCD-0072004CD
Cover partialHydro Generator - Lucid DreamELFCD-0082005CD
CoverTri-Force - Entrance To RealityELFCD-0092005CD
Cover partialSlum - Make Rainbow In Your SlumELFCD-0102006CD
Cover partialDrapDrop - Dropdead GorgeousELFCD-0112006CD
Cover partialV.A - Far East TechnologyELFCD-0122006CD

Elxis DiscoGraphic  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialOmegaHertz - AnamorfoplasisEDGCD620092009CD

Enigmatic Sound Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Full On - Turbo Blast!!ENICD0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Enigmatic world MexicoENICD0022006CD
Cover partialV.A - Enigmatic World IsraelENICD0032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Enigmatic World PortugalENICD0042006CD
Cover partialV.A - FunkadelicENICD0052007CD
Cover partialIndra - Life Of FaithENICD0072007CD
Cover partialHolymen - En Od MilvadoENICD0062007CD
Cover partialV.A - Enigmatic World BrazilENICD0082007CD
Cover partialTeam 18 - Team EighteenENICD0092007CD
Cover partialV.A - Olympic SoundENICD7892008CD
Cover partialV.A - Psy GuitarENICD7882008CD
Cover partialV.A - Olympic Sound 2ENICD7902009CD

Entropica Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMakyo - Rasa BhavaENT300011995CD
Cover partialSolar Quest - SolalunaENT050602008CD
Cover partialMantra Temple - Temple SoundscapesENT033302009CD

Enzyme Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Ancient FutureENZYMECD012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Freedom Of SpeechENZYMECD022007CD
Cover partialBlazed - See Deep InsideENZYMECD032009CD

Epileptic Dance  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialCrownick - New SapiensEDRCD012007CD
Cover partialPsyro - Dream ChamberEDRCD022008CD

Eqnation Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialVlastur - Interaxion DubEQR0062009CD
Cover partialOptic Wave - Fiber DivitionsEQR0042009CD
Cover partialE-Mov - Island Of The Lotus EatersEQR0052009CD

Equinox Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - DominoEQCD011997CD
CoverV.A - AndreaEQCD021997CD
CoverV.A - GrahamEQCD031997CD
CoverV.A - 3D CompilationEQCD041997CD
CoverV.A - The Strong Sun MoonEQCD05061998CD
CoverUbar Tmar - Live At Autumnal EquinoxEQCD081999CD
Spies - NotinismEQCD102000CD
Cover partialV.A - Domino MixEQCD112000CD
CoverV.A - Ray Castle Presents: Gourmet GenreEQCD122000CD
CoverV.A - CatcherEQCD162001CD
V.A - Thunk UpEQCD182002CD
Infusion - Phrases and NumbersEQCD192002CD
CoverV.A - Dust & WindEQCD071999CD
CoverV.A - Inner RadianceEQCD142000CD
CoverJuno Reactor - ShangoEQCD152000CD

Erase Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Flash ForwardERCD0012003CD

Eros Music  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Astral Trance - Phuture Psychedelic Trance Compilation900521997CD
CoverV.A - Astral Trance - Trip 2901221998CD
CoverV.A - I Won't Dance905522003CD

Escape Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - PerceptionsESCACD012008CD

Etnicanet Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - South Africa 2000ET0012001CD
CoverV.A - Macao Cafe featuring P.S.O.IET0022001CD
CoverEtnica - Chrome (Western Edition)ET0032002CD
CoverV.A - Celebra BrasilET0042002CD
CoverV.A - Phase OneET0052003CD
CoverV.A - Macao Cafe 2ET0062002CD
CoverWrecked Machines - BlinkET0082003CD
CoverV.A - Eclipse - South Africa 2002ET0102003CD
CoverV.A - Macao Cafe 3ET0112003CD
CoverV.A - Phase TwoET0122004CD
CoverV.A - Macao Cafe 4 - Balearic Lounge CollectionET0132004CD
CoverSpecies - Groove Doesn't Come EasyET0142004CD
CoverV.A - Phase 3ET0152005CD
Cover partialV.A - ExplorerET0162005CD
Cover partialV.A - TotemismET0172007CD

Evil Knivel Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Evil VoicesEVILCD0012006CD
CoverV.A - Die PraxisEVILCD0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Pandoras BoxEVILCD0032008CD
Cover partialV.A - Full ReactionEVILCD0042009CD

Evolution Inc.  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverUni - Live UnionEVOCD0012006CD

Exogenic Breaks Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialAccu - Love BunnyXBREP142005CDS
Cover partialAccu feat. Laura Narhi - Out Of The BlueXBCDS242005CDS
Cover partialKoe - TrespassXBRCD122002CD
Cover partialAccu - AccuXBRCD132002CD
CoverV.A - ComplicationsXBRCD152002CD
Cover partialReuna - SmellyXBRCD192003CD
Cover partialFat Beat Sound System - Fala FalaXBRCD202004CD
CoverV.A - Hidria Spacefolk - Violently Hippy RemixesXBRCD222004CD
Koneveljet - HoaxXBRCD272005CD
Cover partialV.A - PyrexiaXBRCD292005CD
Cover partialHeadphonics - Evolution Of FunkXBRCD372008CD

Exogenic Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverGAD - Apollo 3DEXOCD011996CD
CoverV.A - Bliss PointEXOCD021997CD
CoverSquaremeat - Wave SoupEXOCD032000CD
Cover partialMac Mavis - Mac MavisEXOCD041998CD
CoverV.A - Fusion vs ConfusionEXOCD061999CD
Cover partialTexas Faggott - Petoman's PeflettEXOCD072000CD
Cover partialKoneveljet - Brothers in MachineEXOCD082000CD
CoverHaltya - Forest FlavourEXOCD092001CD
CoverV.A - Custom FileEXOCD102001CD
Cover partialEraser vs Yöjalka - Round OneEXOCD162002CD
CoverSquaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party LineEXOCD172003CD
Cover partialMac Mavis - GatefinderEXOCD182003CD
CoverHaltya - Electric Help ElvesEXOCD212004CD
CoverTexas Faggott - Pilluminati Cunt RollEXOCD252004CD
Cover partialSquaremeat - Astronomical Coffee BreakEXOCD262005CD
Cover partialEraser vs Yöjalka - TarinatEXOCD282003CD
Cover partialKiwa - On The FrequencyEXOCD332007CD
Cover partialHighpersonic Whomen - Push The LimitEXOCD352007CD
Cover partialHaltya - Book Of NatureEXOCD362008CD
Cover partialTexas Faggott - KininiginEXOCD382008CD
Cover partialTroll Scientists - Sir EelEXOCD392009CD

Exotic Native Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Outback Eclipse Festival 2002EN0012002CD
V.A - Outback Eclipse Festival - The LiveEN0022003CD
V.A - Sunday Sessions - After Eclipse vol 1EN0032003CD

Exposure Productions  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - All Systems GoEXPOCD0012004CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital PerformersEXPOCD0022005CD
Cover partialWizzy Noise - Punk CityEXPOHARM012005CD
CoverWizzy Noise - SabotageEXPOHARM022005CD
Cover partialV.A - Grey AreaEXPOCD0032006CD
Cover partialProsper - When The City SleepsEXPOCD0042006CD
Cover partialWizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 2EXPOHARM032006CD

Eyal Barkan Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Eyal Barkan - Good Morning IsraelEBCD0011998CD

Eye-Q Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cygnus X - HypermetricalEYECD0061995CD
CoverEarth Nation - LiveEYECD0091996CD

Ezel Ebed Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Alternative ColoursEERCD0012009CD

Fabula Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverLoopus in Fabula - AstrofunkFABCD012003CD
CoverV.A - UltrapopFABCD022004CD
CoverLoopus In Fabula - Fat Ladies BingoFABCD032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Ultrapop 2FABCD042007CD

Faerie Dragon  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialEraser vs Yöjalka - Lords of the LiverdanceFDREC-012006CD
Cover partialV.A - SqueechFDREC-022006CD
Cover partialSalakavala - Fractal FishingFDREC-032006CD
Cover partialPuoskari - The Audio HustlerFDREC-042007CD
Cover partialLuomuhappo - Pog-O-Matic Pogomen 3000000FDREC-052007CD
Cover partialOutolintu - Odd Man OutFDREC-062007CD
Cover partialV.A - No Tone UnstirredFDREC-072007CD
Cover partialExuus - HentaiFDREC-082008CD
Cover partialJames Reipas - Personal TrainerFDREC-092008CD
Cover partialTamlin - SpectrogramFDREC-102008CD
Cover partialEvsY - Virtuosi Di QuosiFDREC-112009CD

Fairway Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverJaia - Brainstorm EP953851996CDS
CoverJuno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite0321311995CD
CoverV.A - Sound Of Gaia Party30024021995CD
CoverV.A - Spiritual Trance30053921995CD
CoverV.A - Psychedelic Goa Core 130101021996CD
CoverV.A - Spiritual Trance 230145721996CD
CoverV.A - Hypnotic Trance 1504981994CD
CoverV.A - Hypnotic Trance 2505321995CD
Cover partialV.A - Cyber Trance 1505511995CD
CoverV.A - Hypnotic Trance 3505571995CD
CoverV.A - Techno For Tibet505751996CD
CoverV.A - Hypnotic Trance 4506101996CD
CoverV.A - Cyber Trance 3506131996CD
V.A - Psychedelic Goa Core 2506271997CD
CoverV.A - Psychedelic Goa Core 3506431997CD
CoverV.A - Cyber Trance 2505791996CD
Cover partialV.A - Electric Mental Trance506601998CD
CoverV.A - Trance From Israel30072821996CD

Feedback Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Sounds Of Feedback 1FBRCD012004CD

Fektive Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Unfold - John 00 FlemingFKCD0052007CD
Cover partialV.A - Pure MaltaFKCD0072007CD
Cover partialV.A - Unfold 2 - Christopher LawrenceFKCD0082008CD
Cover partialV.A - Marco V - UnfoldFKCD0102009CD
Cover partial00.db - Heaven and HellFKCD0092009CD

Fiin Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSubconsciousmind - IntermezzoFIINCD042008CDS
CoverSubconsciousmind - GfuhlsweidFIINCD012004CD
Cover partialHuman - Mystical EncounterFIINCD032008CD

Fineplay Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - The Beach 2006FINEP0022006CD
Cover partialV.A - Global ExpositionFINEP0012008CD
Cover partialDynamic - The RemixesFINEP0072009CD
Cover partialTranswave - FrontfireFINEP0082009CD
Cover partialBlack and White - The RemixesFINEP0102009CD
Cover partialV.A - Global Exposition 2FINEP0122009CD
Cover partialV.A - Tokyo SensationFINEP0132009CD

Flip Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Flip ItFLIPCD0012007CD

Floatation Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverOculus - A Moment In TimeFLOAT012004CD
CoverFloattank - Touch The VoidFLOAT022006CD
CoverChug - Dynamic StaticFLOAT032007CD

Flow Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - ChangeFLR0001CD2000CD
CoverV.A - Flowin'FLR0002CD2000CD
CoverV.A - Filtered BeatsFLR0103CD2001CD
CoverV.A - Non-Toxic FrequenciesFLR0104CD2001CD
CoverV.A - BlueFLR0205CD2002CD
CoverV.A - Motion GeneratorFLR0206CD2002CD
CoverFaktor-D - LickedFLR0307CD2003CD
CoverEchotek - Application RateFLR0308CD2003CD
CoverV.A - OverviewFLR0309CD2003CD
CoverAural Planet - Acoustic Plantation ReleasesFLR0410CD2004CD
CoverRed Seal - Black OpsFLR0411CD2004CD
CoverMatenda - Tunnel VisionFLR0412CD2004CD
CoverV.A - EchoesFLR0513CD2005CD
CoverYotopia - Point BlankFLR0514CD2005CD
Cover partialV.A - 5 YearsFLR0515CD2005CD
Cover partialV.A - GlobalizeFLR0516CD2005CD
Cover partialV.A - Daily BasisFLR0617CD2006CD
Cover partialSundial - Metabasis: Chilling Cuts Part 2FLR0618CD2006CD
Cover partialV.A - Ambient Planet Vol. 2FLR0619CD2006CD
Cover partialV.A - UnchartedFLR0720CD2007CD
Cover partialV.A - Globalize 2FLR0721CD2007CD
Cover partialSundial Aeon - ApotheosisFLR0722CD2007CD
Cover partialV.A - Daily Basis 2FLR0823CD2008CD
Cover partialV.A - Chilling Cuts 4FLR0924CD2009CD

Flugbegleiter Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverFlugbegleiter - PilotfilmFLUGCD012006CD

Flying Rhino Freestyle  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialBoom Devil - RumbleAFRFCDS012000CDS
CoverV.A - Caribbean EclipseAFRFCD011999CD
CoverV.A - Cornwall Eclipse - A Shepherd's WarningAFRFCD032001CD
CoverBoom Devil - RumbleAFRFCD042001CD

Flying Rhino Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverTechnossomy - Make It Fit EPAFR012CD1996CDS
CoverSyb Unity Nettwerk - Syb Unity Nettwerk Experience EPAFR014CD1997CDS
CoverTristan & Process - Kv 23 EPAFR015CD1997CDS
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Green Nunions EPAFR023CD1998CDS
CoverV.A - First FlightAFRCD0011996CD
CoverTechnossomy - Synthetic FleshAFRCD0021997CD
CoverV.A - Air BornAFRCD0031997CD
CoverV.A - Retrodelica 1AFRCD0041997CD
CoverPsyko Disko - Psycho DiscoAFRCD0051997CD
CoverV.A - Singularity 1AFRCD0061997CD
CoverGreen Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch MafiaAFRCD0071997CD
CoverV.A - White RhinoAFRCD0081997CD
CoverV.A - Black RhinoAFRCD0091997CD
CoverDarshan - AwakeningAFRCD0101998CD
CoverV.A - Second Flight - TurbulenceAFRCD0111998CD
CoverV.A - Retrodelica 2AFRCD0121998CD
CoverV.A - Third Flight - SlipstreamAFRCD0141998CD
CoverV.A - Re:evolution 1AFRCD0151999CD
CoverV.A - Fourth Flight - VelocityAFRCD0161999CD
CoverBlue Planet Corporation - Blue PlanetAFRCD0171999CD
CoverV.A - Fifth Flight - MaelstromAFRCD0181999CD
CoverDarshan - SpectraAFRCD0191999CD
CoverV.A - Re:evolution 2 - TimeAFRCD0201999CD
CoverManMadeMan - Love TechnologyAFRCD0212000CD
CoverV.A - Sixth Flight - NightvisionAFRCD0222000CD
CoverV.A - Re:evolution 3 - LifeAFRCD0232000CD
CoverHealer - WondergroundAFRCD0242000CD
CoverV.A - Seventh Flight - ElevationAFRCD0252000CD
CoverV.A - Something For The WeekendAFRCD0262001CD
CoverV.A - Live In GermanyAFRCD0272000CD
CoverV.A - Singularity 2-001AFRCD0282001CD
CoverAtmos & Echolab - OverlapAFRCD0292001CD
CoverPlanet B.E.N. - SilverAFRCD0302001CD
CoverKinetico - AtmosphereAFRCD0312001CD
CoverV.A - 8th Flight - GravitationAFRCD0322001CD
CoverV.A - WabiAFRCD0332001CD
CoverV.A - Endangered SpeciesAFRCD0342001CD
CoverGreat Leap Forward - CinkofaAFRCD0352001CD
CoverTriple Game - EuropaAFRCD0362002CD
CoverV.A - Singularity 2002AFRCD0372002CD
CoverV.A - Re:evolution 4 - EssenceAFRCD0382002CD
CoverV.A - So FaAFRCD0392002CD
CoverCharasmatix - Soma AgentsAFRCD0402002CD
Cover partialBamboo Forest - Random FutureAFRCD0412002CD

FM Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Trance X-Press 3FM8411996CD
CoverV.A - Trance X-Press 4FM9181997CD
CoverV.A - Trance X-Press 2FM3321996CD

Foot Stompin Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Network Of ThoughtFSR2007-0012007CD

Fowl Play Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialLost Keys - Faerie SpellFPRCD022007CD

Fractal  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Brain ChemistryFRACT0012006CD
Cover partialV.A - Fractal EnergyFRACT0022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Gaia-TekFRACT0032007CD
Cover partialSidhartha - Bio RhythmFRACT0042008CD
Cover partialV.A - Fractal Energy 2FRACT0052008CD
Cover partialV.A - Gaia-Tek 2FRACT0062009CD
Cover partialBrainwash - Do You Feel My Hard BeatFRACT0072009CD

Fractal Species Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Green Trippin Camp 2008 - Rise of AtlantisFSPCD012008CD

Fragile Planet Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Planetary ExodusFPRCD0012004CD
CoverV.A - Global AllianceFPRCD0022005CD

Frakasound Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverMidimal - In Search Of WaterFASCD0012007CD

Freakdance Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialLuomuhappo - Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation KitFDCD012002CD
Cover partialV.A - Freakdance Records 02FDCD022002CD
Cover partialV.A - FDCD03FDCD032003CD
CoverPuoskari - The Audio HustlerFDCD042004CD
CoverLuomuhappo - Pog-o-Matic Pogómen 3000000FDCD052004CD
CoverJames Reipas - UwagaFDCD062005CD
CoverLemon Slide - True NatureFDCD072007CD

Free Form Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Deep Dive Corp. - SummertimeFFR0352000CDS
The Havana Boys - Limited Tour EditionFFR0392000CDS
CoverV.A - Lovefield 1 - Native TribesFFR0011998CD
CoverV.A - Lovefield 2 - Earth SpiritsFFR0051999CD
CoverKlangstrahler Projekt - SinnestäuschungFFR0081999CD
CoverHaldolium - DeaguaFFR0101999CD
CoverCybersnack - Rebels From The SourceFFR0121999CD
CoverHippiehaus - EmusicFFR0141999CD
CoverEarth - LiquidFFR0161999CD
CoverSpace Safari - Early ReflectionsFFR0181999CD
CoverAmaruvision - L.E.P.FFR0202000CD
CoverDeep Dive Corp. - Support Your Local GrooverFFR0232000CD
CoverV.A - A Tribute to Le Cafe AbstraitFFR0242000CD
CoverV.A - Lovefield 3 - No Dream but LifeFFR0272000CD
CoverFeuerhake - FeuerhakeFFR0282000CD
CoverV.A - Le Café Abstrait 1 - Hi-Fly for the Couch CultureFFR0292000CD
CoverEarth - EmotionsFFR0322000CD
CoverV.A - A Taste of Free Form 2FFR0342000CD
CoverHaldolium - H2FFR0382000CD
CoverKlangstrahler Projekt - Im Rausch der SinneFFR0412000CD
CoverDarshan M. Lopez - Tales from a city boyFFR0462001CD
CoverV.A - Lovefield 4 - The RitualFFR0482001CD
CoverBox of Frox - FloordivingFFR0512001CD
CoverSpace Safari - SoulFFR0532001CD
CoverFeuerhake - Excess All AreasFFR0562001CD
CoverV.A - Free Expression Chapter OneFFR0592001CD
CoverEmou - Still... Pretty Good YearFFR0622002CD
CoverEmou - Still... Dancing The RemixesFFR0642002CD
CoverV.A - Lovefield 5FFR0662002CD
CoverHaldolium - Be RealFFR0672002CD

Free Freak Music  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - QuantumFFMCD012008CD
Cover partialSolar Spectrum - Planes Of ExistenceFFMCD022009CD

Free Radical Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Problematic PlanetFR0012007CD
Cover partialV.A - Elemental PsycheFR0022008CD
Cover partialIllegal Machines vs Bombax - Between Sanity And MadnessFR0032009CD

Free Spirit Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Free Spirit vol 1 - BrahmaputraFSR00012006CD
Cover partialM-Klome - InterruptionsFSR00022007CD
Cover partialV.A - Free Spirit vol 2 - EupsychiaFSR00032007CD
Cover partialV.A - Free Spirit vol 3 - NeophiliaFSR00042008CD
Cover partialJourney - The Man Who Sold The TimeFSR00052009CD
Cover partialV.A - Free Spirit vol 4 - Plexure - Compiled By DJ MarchelloFSR00062009CD
Cover partialItal - The World Of Spirit PlantsFSR00082009CD

FreeAnce Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - WestFACD0012009CD

Freefall Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverDMMT - Africa BombasticFFCD0012005CD

Freetransform Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialPhasePhour - ... Boiing & ZippFTR003CD2004CD

Froggle Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Progress Chapter 1 - Froggy WorldFGCD012003CD

Full Melt Recordings  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Bay Area Dub Step 01FMRCD0012008CD
Cover partialV.A - Bay Area Dub Step 02FMRCD0022009CD

Full Moon Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialNoise Gust - In The Brain ChipFMRCD072009CD

Fullmoon Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - New WorldFMRCD012005CD
Cover partialV.A - New World 2FMRCD022006CD
Cover partialV.A - New World 3FMRCD032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Fullmoon HunterFMRCD042007CD
Cover partialV.A - Psychedelic NavigatorFMRCD052007CD
Cover partialV.A - Happy My LifeFMRCD082008CD
Cover partialV.A - Wabi Sabi HardcoreFMRCD062009CD

Fungi Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Higher LevelsFGCD0012004CD
Cover partialConcept - ExperimentalFGCD0022005CD
Cover partialV.A - Alien ParadiseFGCD0032006CD
Cover partialV.A - Fungadelic VibesFGCD0042007CD
Cover partialZnooble - SinestesiaFGCD0052007CD
Cover partialBoogieman - In VereorFGCD0062007CD
Cover partialV.A - ApsarasFGCD0072007CD
Cover partialK_Lapso - Stay AliveFGCD0082007CD

Fungus Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialABA Structure - EpicFGSCD012003CD

Furthur Progressions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - London LandscapesFPRCD0012009CD

Furtive Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
V.A - MiderangedFURCD0011999CD

Future Lovers Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Riding OutFULCD012008CD
Cover partialStuardo - DiversityFULCD022008CD

Futuria Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverV.A - Gaia TourCD506251997CD

CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - 1st Compilation AlbumGECD-0012003CD
CoverPsyside - TurbulencesGECD-0022003CD

Gaga Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialSundose - Learning To FlyGAGACD012009CD

Gaia Tontrager Records  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Gaia 1+2GT0102CD1992CD
Cover partialV.A - Gaia 3+4GT0304CD1993CD
V.A - TFSM 01-02GT0506CD1993CD
CoverV.A - Gaia 7+8GT0708CD1994CD
V.A - TFSM 03GT09CD1995CD
Cover partialV.A - Gaia 10GT10CD1995CD
CoverEvolution - Shiva TechnologyGT11CD1995CD

Gaian Mind  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialShapestatic - MetaphimGM0012007CD
Cover partialV.A - Healing AnandaBLISS0012008CD

Galactic Federation Media  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Voodoo - Nebz Traxxx 04GFMCD0012005CD
Cover partialLa Nebuleuse - SerialkillahGFMCD0022006CD

Galactica Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialIndia Drop - Backwards Into ChaosGALCD0102002CD

Ganga Giri Records  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Ganga Giri - Manic OrganicGGCD031999CD

Generation Sound Productions  
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
CoverSchädelleuchten - Schädelleuchten IIGSP5601-22005CD  Link
CoverIn StockTitleCatnumYear 
Cover partialV.A - Geospirit 1 - Virtual VortexGEOCD0022005CD
CoverV.A - San Fran Psychos 1: PhantasmagoriaGEOCD0032006CD
Cover partialRandom - Implicate OrderGEOCD0042006CD
Cover partialV.A - Wellspring 1: EquinocturnisGEOCD0062006CD
Cover partialBodhisattva 13:20 - Secrets of the MojaveGEOCD0072006CD
Cover partialTwisted Reaction - Action!GEOCD0082006CD
Cover partialV.A - Civilysed ChaosGEOCD0092006CD
Cover partialV.A - Highway 420GEOCD0102006CD
Cover partialCyber Vixen - Kundal My LiniGEOCD0112006CD
Cover partialV.A - Trip ControllersGEOCD0122006CD
Cover partialV.A - Grateful DanceGEOCD0132006CD
Cover partialDigital Samsara - Observing PhenomenaGEOCD0142006CD
Cover partialV.A - Psychic ChakraGEOCD0152006CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Drugs: Double The DoseGEOCD0162006CD
Cover partialAtma - Beyond Good & EvilGEOCD0172006CD
Cover partialMeta - EkstasisGEOCD0192007CD
Cover partialVectro Electro - Rasta BlastaGEOCD0202007CD
Cover partialImix - OneGEOCD0212007CD
Cover partialHelios - Aires RisingGEOCD0222007CD
Cover partialPsychoz - Psychotic EpiphaniesGEOCD0242007CD
Cover partialMr Rogers - Ooze SystemGEOCD0302007CD
Cover partialPhasePhour - Fun From Far AwayGEOCD0282008CD
Cover partialV.A - Bio-Magnetic TherapyGEOCD0262008CD
Cover partialV.A - Desert Dreaming - Part 1 - SunsetGEOCD0232008CD
Cover partialV.A - Desert Dreaming - Part 2 - MoonriseGEOCD0332008CD
Cover partialParaforce - Deep ForestGEOCD0292008CD
Cover partialV.A - Digital Drugs 3 - Shape The MachineGEOCD0312008CD
Cover partialA.P.E - Advanced Psychedelic EnergyGEOCD0342008CD
Cover partialEnertopia - DivineGEOCD0352008CD
Cover partialPredators - CosmosGEOCD0322008CD
Cover partialV.A - Virtual ChroniclesGEOCD0362008CD
Cover partialJirah - JourneysGEOCD0372008CD
Cover partialV.A - Fedx - Overnight XpressGEOCD0252008CD
Cover partialWicked Wires - Magnetic MemoirsGEOCD0392009CD
Cover partialV.A - Fedx 2 - Next Day XpressGEOCD0452009CD
Cover partialEctima - No Way OutGEOCD0382009CD
Cover partialCrying Freemen - Digital GuardiansGEOCD0412009CD