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Penta - Pentafiles


Spectral Concepts



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Penta - Pentafiles
01 Penta - Disgusting Creatures
02 Penta - Leave a Message
03 Penta - 1190
04 Penta - Collaboration
05 Penta - Neurotic Call
06 Penta - Time Warp
07 Penta - Lost in Space
08 Penta - Every Machine

'Disgusting Creatures'

'Disgusting little creatures! Soon all of you will feel my hate, and suffer, as I have suffered!'

IMDB  Princess Mononoke

'Leave A Message'

'The closer you get... The more extreme it gets.'

- Should I leave a message ?
- Yeah, tell him he's about to copulate with a creature from outer space yyahahaha...
- Copulate, huh ?
- Yeaahh

IMDB  Species

'Lost In Space'

...Do not approach Earth. The transmissions of an orbiting probe are causing critical damage to this planet. (...) Save your energy. Save yourselves. Avoid the planet Earth at all costs. Farewell.

- An unknown form of energy of great power and intelligence... evidently unaware that its transmissions are destructive. I find it illogical that its intentions should be hostile.

- Really?! You think this is its way of saying, 'Hi there,' to the people of the Earth?"

- There are other intelligent forms of life on earth, doctor. Only human arrogance would assume the message must be meant for man.

- You're suggesting the transmission is meant for a life form other than man?

- At least a possibility, Admiral. The president did say it was directed at Earth's oceans.

- Uhura, can you modify the probe signals accounting for density and temperature and solidity factors?

IMDB  Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home