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V.A - Pulse 3


Sub Terranean



MediaCD (2xCD)
PicturesFront, Back, Inside 1, Inside 2, Inside 3, Inside 4
V.A - Pulse 3
01 Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight
02 Shakta & Ping Pong - Between The Nothing
03 Cosmosis - Howling At The Moon
04 Acid Rockers - Interform
05 Reflecta - Creatures
06 Alienated - Free Return
07 Manmademan & Tristan - William
08 Nucleus - Superluminal
09 Amtinaous - Apocalyps Hilan

01 Doof - Angelina
02 Mindfield - Ten Years After
03 UX - Master Of The Universe
04 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Hallucinogenic Remix)
05 Astralasia - Whirlpool
06 MFG - Magnetic Activity (96 Remix)
07 Ushuaya - Ushuaya
08 Denshi Danshi - Mariposa
09 Planet B.E.N. - Screwdriver

Sound Infernal Machine
'The Loin Sleeps Tonight'

'Remember your name and adress. And telephone number too. Then if some day you lose your way, you'll know just what to do. Walk up to that kind policeman. The very first one you meet. And simply say I've lost my way, I cannot find my street.'

Sound Shakta & Ping Pong
'Between the Nothing'

'First you will see a spot. The spot will become a crack. This is the crack between the nothing, and out of this nothing will come your unborn soul.'

IMDB  Altered States

Sound Alienated
'Free Return'

'OK, here we go. The purpose is mid course correction for free return. '

Sound Doof


Sound UX
'Master Of The Universe'

'I will become master of the universe.'