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V.A - Distance to Goa 5


Substance Records



MediaCD (2xCD)
PicturesFront, Back, Inside 1, Inside 2
V.A - Distance to Goa 5
01 Hallucinogen - Deranger
02 Electric Universe - Stardiver
03 Miranda - Phenomena
04 Deedrah - The Wizard Demo
05 Shakta - Lepton head (Deedrah Remix)
06 Transwave - Land of Freedom (Remix)
07 Psychopod - Dreampod
08 Eat Static - Hybrid (The Infinity Project Remix)
09 The Antidote - Walk on the Moon

01 Katayama - Spiral Spit Trikk
02 Ololiuqui - Chitty Bang
03 Orion - Liquid
04 Alienated - Free Return
05 Protect System - Simplicity
06 Lunar Asylum - Reefer Madness
07 Cwithe - I Wanna Expand
08 Electric Universe - Radio S.P.A.C.E.
09 Transwave - Malaka Dance
10 Prana - Alien Pets
11 Shiva Chandra - S.P.Q.R.W

Sound Hallucinogen

'I'm going to lead you, kicking and screaming, giggling and laughing, into the future. I'm going to relax you, I'm going to get you!'

'A spiritually cleansing derangment of the senses.'

'The happy choas out of witch enlightment might come.'

'Oh no that was real, lets get out of here.'

Sound Miranda

'Intelligent life beyond this planet.'

'A small group from S.E.T.I. search for extra terrestial intelligence used a radio dish at Arecibo to send out a message to whoever might be listening. They sent about a quarter of a kilobyte including structure of human DNA, a map of our solarsystem, population of the earth, helpful facts like that.'

IMDB  Species

Sound Alienated
'Free Return'

'OK, here we go. The purpose is mid course correction for free return. '

Sound Lunar Asylum
'Reefer Madness'

'Exactly what are you looking for? Dope, drugs, weed, grass, toot, smack, crackers, uppers, downers, all-arounders. You name it, we want it!'

IMDB  Up in Smoke

Sound Prana
'Alien Pets'

'The beginning of life'

'There is no final truth.'

IMDB  Altered States