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V.A - Opus Iridium


Suntrip Records



MediaCD (2xCD)
PicturesFront, Back 1, Back 2, Inside 1, Inside 2, Inside 3, Inside 4, Inside 5, Inside 6, Inside 7, Inside 8
V.A - Opus Iridium
01 E-Mantra - Voyager II
02 Shakta - Ten Times Around The Sun
03 Filteria - Birds Lingva Franca
04 Artifact303 - Feelings
05 Ajna - The Art Of Happiness
06 Radical Distortion - The Dreamer
07 Afgin - From The Heart
08 Ethereal - Moondawn

01 Mindsphere - Frozen Sleep
02 Solar Fields - Confusion Illusion Remix
03 Electrypnose - ChillinBerlin
04 E-Mantra - Secret Prophecy
05 Aes Dana - Lysistrata
06 Asura - Altered States
07 Siebzehn - Bongalore And Beyond
08 Astral Waves - Contemplation
09 Ra - Road To Shiraz

Release info
Opus Iridium means artwork for the rainbows in Latin. This title reflects our idea of this special cd, positive colourful melodic music all the way! The cd was made to celebrate our 10th cd release and exists out of 2 cds, one psytrance, one ambient and an extra thick booklet with a lot of information!

The Psytrance cd is filled with crazy melodic "new school" goa trance. As usual this is a mix of new and well-known artists. The most interesting famous name is probably Shakta! We are very happy to announce that Seb Taylor wrote a track for us in the "old style" specially for this cd. Also Ethereal celebrates his comeback on this cd! Filteria, Radical Distortion and Afgin are of course known from earlier Suntrip cds. The new artists, Artifact303, Ajna and E-Mantra bring you more super danceable uplifting goa trance!

The Ambient cd is the total opposite; pure chilled melodic bliss, slightly mixed to create a real journey! The Ultimae acts Solar Fields, Aes Dana and Asura are known of course for their beautiful music, and also Electrypnose and Ra don't need an introduction! Ambient masters all the way! The newcomers, Mindsphere, E-Mantra, Siebzehn and Astral Waves (aka Dj-Zen) fit perfectly with the other mentioned artists, soft, melodic, deep and gentle ambient! We are sure this cd will make your dreams even better!