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V.A - Frequency Trancemissions


Underground Sound Promotions



V.A - Frequency Trancemissions
01 Para Halu - Out Of Space
02 Freakiller - Swamp
03 Already Maged - Mister Frog
04 Ocelot - Kaliflower
05 Kindzadza - Breezer
06 Mubali & Furious - Knights Of Swing
07 Kulu - Cosmic Mindwave
08 Polykaos - Dabar Dubar
09 Xylamanda - Evilangelism
10 Zenkatsu - Plasticat

Release info
Underground Sound Promotions started organizing events with different styles of cutting edge electronic music in Switzerland in the year 2000. Shortly after they began considering setting up their own label to provide music lovers all over the world with their selection of high quality tracks that will stand the test of time. Now the time has come for putting this plan into action - the first release on Underground Sound Promotions, "Frequency Trancemissions" is scheduled for release in late August 2007.

They have carefully chosen 10 tracks from some of their favourite artists and put it together to tell a bigger story. It is now your task to decipher the deeper meaning behind these coded transmissions and become aware of the invisible frequencies surrounding you.