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Ananda Shake - Inside The Sound


Utopia Records



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Ananda Shake - Inside The Sound
01 Ananda Shake - Inside The Sound
02 Ananda Shake - Final Effect
03 Ananda Shake - Wise Study Of L.S.D
04 Ananda Shake - Disco Dancer
05 Ananda Shake - High Drive
06 Ananda Shake - Portamento
07 Ananda Shake - Psychedelic Risks
08 Ananda Shake - Total Overdose
09 Illumination & DJ Ziki - Who We Are (Ananda Shake Remix)

Release info
Following the success of their previously released two albums, "Emotion in Motion" and "We Speak Music", both released under Utopia Records. Ananda Shake are back with their third studio produced album, "Inside the Sound".

It is said the third time is always a lucky time and luck or not, the music and sounds inside this album is something different from whatever you have listened before in this scene. The intensive tours they had through the world promoting their two previous albums inspired them to create a new type of morning full on; perhaps the listener will come up with a name for this new kind of music, the point is that there are no words to describe the vibe inside the sound.

Ananda Shake are two young Israelis, Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, who have been speaking Trance music for almost a decade. For the past few years they have been lifting dance floors and souls all over the world for the past few years being sure that there is no way how to not recognize their music.

This album is the music they speak and that comes from inside Ananda Shake's sound.