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V.A - Thank You For Flying Utopia


Utopia Records



V.A - Thank You For Flying Utopia
01 Ananda Shake & Phanatic - Phananda
02 Stereomatic - My Way
03 Audiotec & Indra - Transformers
04 Shanti - The Even Star (Alternative Control Remix)
05 Vibe Tribe & Dj Ido - Thank You For Flying Utopia
06 System Nipel & Electra - Game On (Ananda Shake Remix)
07 Spade - Reaction
08 Ultraplex - Inside
09 Freedom Fighters - Robotic
10 Shanti - Strictly Business

Release info
While working on the ambitious new Utopia Records Trance compilation 'Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia'. Stereomatic(A.K.A. Eliran Maimone) had been collecting tracks from some of the very best world wide names in Trance, And the results are in front of you: Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia is by far Utopia Records' highest profile compilation to date.

Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia's lineup includes Utopia Records very own Vibe Tribe, whose new album is expected to be released in October 2008; A fine collaboration of Perplex and Ultravoice; Two outstanding tracks by Shanti Matkin (Spun records); System Nipel's hit 'Game On' - Remixed by Utopia's Ananda Shake; as well as Utopia Records newest additions: Freedom Fighters and Spade, among other fantastic first class passengers.