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V.A - Neverending Story 2


Zaikadelic Records



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V.A - Neverending Story 2
01 Penta - Mushroom
02 Imaginary Sight & Atriohm - Imaginary Ohm
03 Digitalist & Gidra - Phenomenon
04 Attoya - The Weightlessness Sensation
05 Blisargon Demogorgon - Voice Hallucination
06 Psychoz - Get Over It
07 Encephalopaticys - Saltanica
08 Darknoizz - Touching The Light
09 Para Halu - Neverending Story 2

Release info
Zaikadelic Records joyfully presents the long awaited sequel to the "Neverending Story" compilation. This one is special; the goal was to create the ultimate dancing compilation, whatever it would take, the most exciting to date. So we have taken several carefully selected tunes from cutting edge psychedelic musicians, the cream of the crop. Each track has a strong and intelligent narrative line, hypnotic and trippy vibrations, amazing production quality, and an unbelievable dancing drive. Together they amount to a perfect set tested by dj Psyco Zaika on a multitude of dancefloors all around the world. All the test results are positive: this is the most Zaikadelic release up to date. We don't kill dancefloors, we aim to take you to a higher level!
Compiled by dj Psyco Zaika. Mastered by Tim Schuldt.