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V.A - Neverending Story


Zaikadelic Records



PicturesFront, Back, Inside
V.A - Neverending Story
01 Sprinter - All Midi Inputs
02 Mutant Star - Jumping Frogs
03 Psycobeat - Marcian Values
04 Xyla - Texas Hate
05 Tsabeat - Coloring The Night
06 Ocelot - Sirius Logistics Inc
07 Para Halu - Neverending Story
08 Zaikabeat - Local Mushrooms
09 Kindzadza - White Midgets

'Local Mushrooms'

'Don't drink that coffee! You'd never guess. There was a fish, in the percolator!'

'...and there is always music in the air.'

Release info
Zaikadelic Records is an independent record label based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their goal is to support electronic psychedelic music on planet Earth, discover, and promote more young and talented artists with original psychedelic sound. Israeli Zaikadelic Records was born to support electronic psychedelic music on planet Earth. Their first compilation created by international psytrance dj Psyco Zaika presents previously unreleased masterpieces from Israel, Russia, Hungary, USA, and the Czech Republic. Well known names and brilliant newcomers deliver brand spanking new dance floor approved tracks to form a strong storyline suitable for parties of one and thousand of psyche travellers. Mastered by Leo Greshilov of KinDzaDza to assure crystal clear sound.