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1200 Mics - Remixed

1200 Mics - Remixed
Typealbum, CD


01 1200 Mics - High Paradise (1200 Mics Remix)
02 1200 Mics - Mescaline (Astrix Remix)
03 1200 Mics - E=MC2 (Shanti Remix)
04 1200 Mics - Hashish (Atomic Pulse Hashish Remix)
05 1200 Mics - Greece (Save The Robot Remix)
06 1200 Mics - Language Of The Future (Hujaboy Remix)
07 1200 Mics - India (Xerox & Illumination Remix)
08 1200 Mics - Egypt (Eat Static Remix)
09 1200 Mics - Ecstacy (Deedrah Remix)

Well this project is pretty self explanatory. One of the top 3 bands in the global Psy Trance movement remixed by the other top acts in the scene. This is a very hot cd with some killer work done on some of 1200's classic peak time dance moments. From the 1200 Mics own remix of the mega hit "High Paradise" to Astrix's "Mescaline" via fantastic contributions from Xerox and Illumination, Save The Robot, Shanti (Juvenile), Hujaboy, Atomic Pulse and the lost Dado mix of Ecstacy, this is top collection of big tunes.