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220V - Overcharged

220V - Overcharged
LabelPhantasm Records
Typealbum, CD

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220V - Overcharged


01 220V - Overcharged
02 220V - Friday
03 220V vs Dynamic - Insane To The Brain
04 220V - Keeping The Music Real
05 220V vs Eskimo - Every Single Sound (220V Remix)
06 220V vs Interactive - The Future Shock
07 220V - Kizuna
08 220V - Turn The Beat Back
09 220V - Swinging Beat

The scorching debut album from 220V aka Brazilian Victor Costa, a major playa on the psy scene in Brazil, regularly performing at the biggest & best parties there, to crowds of up to 30,000 people!!

The album features 9 superbly produced 220V festival stormers, including remixs & collaborations from some of the scenes brightest stars - Eskimo, Dynamic & Interactive, all tried and tested in Brazil at some of the biggest psy parties in the world - legendary productions such as XXXperience, Orbital and Tribe..

220V - Overcharged: Front