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A.K.D. - Progressing

A.K.D. - Progressing
LabelSoulectro Music
Typealbum, CD


01 A.K.D. - Archaic Myth
02 A.K.D. - Alliance Of Love
03 A.K.D. - Evolving Spirits
04 A.K.D. - Crystal Storm Breath
05 A.K.D. - Purifying Release
06 A.K.D. - Freedom From Reincarnation
07 A.K.D. - Tender Elevation
08 A.K.D. - New Style Trance

AKD is a 3 man project, based in a small town on the southern desert of Israel.

5 years after the release of their debut album, AKD have completed the work on their second album.

This album emphasizes the more Atmospheric, melodic and tender sides of progressive trance.

A.K.D. - Progressing: Front
A.K.D. - Progressing: Back
A.K.D. - Progressing: Inside