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Ailo - Concepts

Ailo - Concepts
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Ailo - Concepts


01 Ailo - Chronos
02 Ailo - You
03 Ailo - Contribution For A Healthier Mind
04 Ailo - Subculture
05 Ailo - Value Of Life
06 Ailo - Mrs. Annoying
07 Ailo - Vibraless
08 Ailo - Kiwi
09 Ailo - Dewdrop
10 Ailo - Yoohoo (l.u.)
11 Ailo - Equilibria Etheria

Please lean back and relax! Iono Music is proud to announce the first part of the 'private rooms' sessions and is starting this series with the long awaited album work by the versed Greek duo ailo. Their elaborated downbeat album 'Concepts' is including eleven timeless productions with a mix of western and eastern elements so it can not be placed under a particular tag. It is expressing ideas that remain unimpaired through time and it is combining sounds, both electronic and physical, in diachronic patterns which trigger inner feelings and deep emotions.

It will inspire you to endless imagination and as a result, this music will relax you or ful l you with positive energy.

With its passionate arrangements of sensual but also innovative sounds and with its homogeneous grooves 'Concepts' will be like balm on your music loving soul.

Iono Music is very pleased to o er you ailo's sophisticated sound for your mental relaxation with depth effect.

You will listen to it more than twice for sure!

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