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Alien Project - Activation Portal

Alien Project - Activation Portal
LabelH2O Records
Typealbum, CD

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Alien Project - Alien Project - Activation Portal


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Are you ready for Activation?

Well then, friends, compadres, amicos - step up, right this way.

The Activation Portal is now open and all Galactic travellers and music lovers alike are invited to come forth and experience, even embrace, if you will, ever new and unfolding infinite dimensions of cosmic consciousness, hitherto unavailable to humanity at large, but now easily reachable by all, through the timeless, enduring and commanding medium of sound, which is, by the way, the Governer of all Existence!

So step up to the Portal, tune in to the stellar sound-waves of Alien Project and, most definitely...Turn UP THE Volume!We are going on a let the sounds and the music be your guide whilst you travel, far and wide, without ever even moving!

Who needs a magic carpet when you can fly like this!As the full bandwidth of the super-sonic spectrum, which is the Alien Project sound, reverberates throughout your being and especially your physical body, it is almost an ineluctable conclusion that you will be instantaneously dance!

Alien Project - Activation Portal: Front