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Alien Project - Aztechno Dream

Alien Project - Aztechno Dream
Typealbum, CD

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Alien Project - Aztechno Dream


01 Alien Project - Crystal Skulls (Dance Mix)
02 Alien Project - One Good
03 Alien Project - The Ring
04 Alien Project - Silent Running
05 Alien Project - Aztechno Dream
06 Alien Project - Next Life (N.B.K. Mix)
07 Alien Project - Skunk
08 Alien Project - Artificial Beings
09 Alien Project - DJ Where Are You?

Alien Project - One Good

'... distort my perceptions to make my reality more palatable.'

'I mean, you should be furious. I just drop-kicked you right in the face. Hey, it happens.'

From the movie 'Me, Myself and Irene'

Me, Myself and Irene

Alien Project - The Ring

'This is the one ring, forged by the Dark Lord Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom. Taken by Isildur from the hand of Sauron himself.'

"The ring has awoken. It's heard its master."

From movie 'Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring'

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

Alien Project - Aztechno Dream

'Place is a deep-freeze. We got ice crystals everywhere.' (Laurence Fishburne as Captain Miller)

'That's the central corridor that you're in now. lt connects the personnel areas at the front of the ship to Engineering at the rear
'Mr Justin, you take Engineering.' (Laurence Fishburne)

'Yes, sir.' (Jack Noseworthy as Justin)

'Peters and l will take the forward decks.' @ 0:06 (Laurence Fishburne)

'Yeah. l've got another one over here. They are all over the place.' (Kathleen Quinlan as Peters)

'ln an emergency, they destroy the central corridor and split the ship in half, and then the crew can use the foredecks as a lifeboat.'@ 0:40 (Sam Neill as Dr. Weir)

From movie 'Event Horizon'

Event Horizon

Alien Project - Skunk

"Marijuana - the dried leaves and flowers of the Indian hemp weed is used in the form of a cigarette. Should you ever be confronted with the temptation of taking that first puff of a marijuana cigarette, do it!" (altered from the original sample: "don't do it!")

".. take a smell so you know when someone is smoking mari-ju-ana near you."

First from the movie 'Reefer Madness'. Second from 'South Park' (S02E04: Ike's Wee Wee)

Reefer Madness
South Park

Alien Project - Artificial Beings

"The shortest distance between two points is zero, and that's what the gateway does - it folds ... space." @ 2:57

From the movie 'Event Horizon'

Event Horizon

Alien Project - Aztechno Dream: Front
Alien Project - Aztechno Dream: Back
Alien Project - Aztechno Dream: Inside