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Alien vs The Cat - The Remixes

Alien vs The Cat - The Remixes
LabelH2O Records
Typealbum, CD

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Alien Vs. The Cat - Alien Vs. The Cat - The Remixes


01 Alien vs The Cat - Hear The Noise (Quadra Remix)
02 Alien vs The Cat - Shokata (GMS Remix)
03 Alien vs The Cat - I am A Robot - (Alien vs The Cat Remix)
04 Alien vs The Cat - The Race (HujaBoy Remix)
05 Alien vs The Cat - Good Vibes (Intersys Remix)
06 Alien vs The Cat - The Purist (Lifestyle Remix)
07 Alien vs The Cat - Trick Track (Remix 2009)
08 Alien vs The Cat - My House (Alien vs The Cat Remix)
09 Alien vs The Cat - Space Jam (GMS Remix)
10 Alien vs The Cat - Feel The Future

We are delighted to announce this high-end release Alien Vs. The Cat The Remixes
Alien Vs. The Cat needs no introduction, project of Top star producers, Alien Project & Space Cat.
These talented creatures have dominated the international trance scene for over a decade, releasing classics which will always remain eternal.
This high powered collaboration lead the release of 2 full studio albums, "Space Jam" (TIP World 2004), "Hear The Noise" (Spun Rec. 2006), wide number of compilation releases and heavy performance schedual all over the globe.
2009 brings forth this delicious treat, packed with 10 massive tracks, all tested thoroughly on dance floors worldwide.
The remixes include 10 previously unreleased tracks produced by top international producers, including 2 remarkable, as expected, remixes, from wonder team GMS, Quadra, Hujaboy, Lifestyle, Intersys, 2 additional remixes by Alien Vs. The Cat, and a brand new bonus track produced also by Alien Vs. The Cat.
Another highly polished stone brilliantly executed, a true collectors item and a blessed tool for Dj's
H2O cause the dance floor is our business!!!

Alien vs The Cat - The Remixes: Front