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Alternative Control - Alt+Ctrl

Alternative Control - Alt+Ctrl
LabelVision Quest
Typealbum, CD

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Alternative control - Alt + Ctl


01 Alternative Control - Differ
02 Alternative Control - Mr. Weirdoo
03 Alternative Control - Back To The Roots
04 Alternative Control - Logic Choise
05 Alternative Control - Alt + Ctrl
06 Alternative Control - Frequency In Control
07 Alternative Control - 4D Girls
08 Alternative Control - Who You Are
09 Alternative Control - Melodic Reality
10 Alternative Control - Her Face In Every Place

Alternative Control is Toprek Goran (24) A.K.A Toca and Rastko Palikuca (21) both from Serbia. They have been working on this debut album for a year, after touring the world and blasting their unique and new uplifting morning style. The album is a true journey through sound & melody, mastering and manipulating sounds in a fresh way giving it a twist and taking you into a new dimension of groovy and colorful Baselines with full-on intertwined break beats layered and spiced with uplifting Melodies that effortlessly take the listener to a powerful climax of extreme trance.

The synergy of the duo brings out the best of man and computer generated music, track by track the journey gets deeper and deeper into the new realm of harmony, hypnotic atmosphere, warm bass and strong groove. A truly ground breaking release that without a doubt will blast the dance floors around the world as it did in Visionquest annual music festival “The Gathering 2005”.

Track # 5 CTRL+ALT is the core track of the album. As they say themselves there music is best appreciated upon sunrise.